Wednesday, November 28, 2012

I Say Comfortable - The Murph Says Sexy

We didn't take too many pictures while we were at the beach this Thanksgiving.  We went out a couple of times while we were there though. I really love this dress.  It is very comfortable and versatile and not very expensive at all.  It can easily be dressed up or down.  I have actually worn my black Ugg boots with it.  (I know!  Sorry!!)   I also have it in leopard print, but I don't really get to wear that one as much.   And, of course, this dress has spandex!  I've come to realize that almost all my clothes do!

The shoes are Jeffrey Campbell purchased last year.  I don't get a chance to wear them much, but I LOVE them!  Phantom was being very cooperative to let me hold him and get a picture too.  He is VERY heavy though!

Sunset over Mobile Bay. To the right is a picture of the US Alabama Battleship.  I remember taking The Boy to see it when he was little.

Going through downtown Mobile, Alabama heading back to the beach.

Another one of the US Alabama Battleship in Mobile Bay.

You can barely see them, but there were hundreds of birds flying around together in the Santa Rosa Sound.  Migrating?  Who knows, but The Murph grabbed the camera and started taking pictures from the balcony.

And a big squeeze for my beach cat who did NOT want to come back home the other day.  He should have been an only cat, but he will have to tolerate the other two cats for now.  I could send him to live with The Boy in his apartment and pay the pet fee, but I think I would miss him too much!  It is bad enough that The Boy's not here anymore.

That's it for this beach trip.  Can't wait to get back down there after Christmas!


  1. Looks like fun. And you look gorgeous! Don't send the cat to The Boy.That would be sad:(

    1. Thanks! Yes, The Boy wouldn't take care of P like i do. He can barely take care of himself!! It would be sad.

  2. That Phantom is bigger than his mom! You look absolutely dwarfed by him! He's a sweetie, though, clearly a mama's boy. Don't send him to The Boy.

    1. He's huge and very heavy! I would miss him too much if I sent him to live with The Boy. Guess we're just going to have to deal with him and keep him away from Ed.