Tuesday, November 6, 2012

I Did. Did You?

I hope everyone made it to the polls to vote today.  I was still registered at my old voting place even though I've moved and gotten married since the last time I voted.  I only moved about 2 miles away, but that also changed my voting place to about a mile down the road from my old voting place.

I wasn't sure if they would let me vote since I hadn't changed anything, but it was no problem.  Not only did I vote at my old place, but I was also able to re-register with my new name and address and turned it in right there so it's all done for the next time I vote. (if we are still living in Alabama then)

 All done!

Dress:  Bebe
RainBoots:  Michael Kors here

The Murph says Cadence reminds him of  "Where's Waldo" in all the pictures.  When I was looking through the pictures we took today, I found him lurking in the shadows behind me.  I usually don't realize I have a little stalker until I see photo evidence.  See the little orange and white possessed thing coming through the door behind me?


He can't vote.


  1. I voted absentee ballot again.
    Nice pendant, I'd forgotten all about it! J has his somewhere..

    1. I hope they finally got your ballot!

      I just started wearing this pendant again. Haven't been wearing it as much as I use too.