Wednesday, November 21, 2012

My Very Last Zinger

These are most likely the last boxes of Twinkies and Zingers in the entire state of Alabama.  I went from store to store in search of them Saturday because it may be the last time I ever eat another one.  (not that I eat that many anyway, but you know...)

There weren't any regular Twinkies anywhere to be found so I had to get the chocolate filled ones, which are probably not worth as much.  This was the very last box Winn Dixie had on the shelf along with one lonely box of Zingers.  Zingers were my all time favorite as a kid.  I just couldn't resist.

I'm savoring every last moment of yuminess because it looks like the mediation with the bakery union and Hostess didn't go very well so now everything will be liquidated.  Hopefully, someone will step in and save the Twinkies and the Zingers.

I did notice today at Publix that Little Debbie Cloud Cakes, which looks suspiciously very much like the Twinkie, was front row center.  Funny how I never noticed them before or even knew Little Debbie made this particular cake. I always thought I was a pro when it comes to knowing (and eating) all the Little Debbie cakes.  We will probably be seeing more of these "cloud cakes"on the shelves here in the south to fulfill the loss of the Twinkie.  Personally, I have never tasted a cloud cake.

  Wonder what chocolate Twinkies are going for these days in Ebay?

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  1. Enjoy!
    I remember eating Zingers as a kid but not many. As I mentioned before, we were a Little Debbie house - my mom's poison of choice. ;)
    J noticed our grocery store here was well-stocked the other day. I'd offer to buy and send you some but I am avoiding the grocery store until probably Friday night at least. By then, they'll probably be gone anyway.