Thursday, November 8, 2012

It's Not Even Thanksgiving Yet But I Did It Anyway

I went ahead and put the Christmas trees up earlier this year, even though I haven't put ornaments on them yet.  I usually wait until the weekend after Thanksgiving to put the tree/trees up, but this year we may be at the beach that weekend, so I went ahead and put them up early.

If you remember, last year I put up five trees.  This year I'm down to three.  One in the living room, one  in the family room and one down in the boy's "apartment".  The tree above is the family room tree and the one below is the Boy's tree.  I thought he would like having one of his own this year when he gets home from college.  He seemed to like it last year although he didn't really have much to say about it.

I thought Phantom would like it if I put his cat bed under the tree to give him a comfy spot.

The cats get all excited when I get the Christmas decorations out.  They love sleeping under the trees.  Phantom has already taken over the living room tree below.  I had it in the family room last year, but it's so big I moved it this year.  It's too tall for this house.  The living room ceiling is no higher than the family room.  It's hard to cram a 9 ft tree under an 8 ft ceiling.

My obsession with Christmas trees goes way back.  When I was a kid, I would always start pulling the tree out the weekend after Thanksgiving.  We always had artificial trees instead of real ones.  That made it easier.

When I was in college, I put a pathetic little 4 ft tree with ugly decorations up in my apartment.  I brought it with me when I married my first husband, the Boy's father, who just happens to be Jewish and didn't really appreciate having a Christmas tree in his house.  I still remember the fight we had when his grandmother, who was an Orthodox Jew, was going to come for a visit and I refused to hide the tree in a closet.

I don't remember what we did with the tree during her visit.  Probably stuck it in a bedroom temporarily.  It was very offensive!

Once the Boy came along I felt the need for a bigger tree so I traded the 4 ft tree in for a 6 ft tree.  The Boy's dad was kind of use to my tree by then so he didn't say anything.  His grandmother had passed so  the tree wasn't going to cause any major family crisis.  I upgraded the ornaments too, from super tacky to mid-level tacky.

My first Christmas after the divorce was final was a glorious one.  I bought the biggest, fullest pre-lit tree my ceiling could handle.  The one I now have crammed in the living room.   That baby can take some popcorn off those 80's ceilings!

When it was delivered to the house, the box was so heavy that the Boy, who was 11 at the time, and I had to drag the box around to the back yard, open it and take the tree section by section into the house.  It barely fit under the ceiling in all it's pre-lit gloriousness.

Eventually, I decided it would be even better to have a tree in every room.  I got over that idea after a couple of years.  Too much, even for an obsessed Christmas tree lover like me.

The entire reason I never converted to Judaism when I married the Boy's dad can totally be blamed on the Christmas tree.  But that's an entirely different story.  Sort of.  I could call it "The Rabbi and the Christmas Tree."


  1. I totally get it. Something about how quickly Thanksgiving pops up after Halloween gets me thinking about Christmas way too early. I would do it too if my hubby would let me. He is also Jewish but so long as we give equal time to Hannukah he is totally cool with all of my Christmas paraphernalia.

    1. It seems like I barely have everything decorated and it's time to take it all down again.

      We use to celebrate Hannukah too. I loved lighting the menorah every night and letting my son open 1 gift per night during Hannukah. It was fun! I would usually give him a game, book or movie that we could play,read or watch that night.

  2. The Boy's father wanted you to hide YOUR Christmas tree in YOUR house so his Grandmother wouldn't see it?! That is just...SO wrong. But as you say, another story (sort of).

    1. Yes, he did! I was a little mad at first, but I laughed about it later. Good thing I didn't have the 9 footer then! It's alot easier picking up and moving a 4 foot tree. Besides, his grandmother would have probably been okay with it. She was way cooler than he was! :) He's a little uptight.

  3. 3 trees? I have to head my wife off at the pass before our tree comes out. I usually try to make it so that the tree isn't out until December hits. But then I'll come home from work and poof, our tree will be up. I do love Christmas though.

    1. Yes, I put up 3 trees this year. I'm doing better than the last two years. We had 5 last year and 10 the year before. ( I had one in every room of my old house with a couple of small trees on the bathroom counters ) It was crazy!! Waiting until Dec is good depending on when you take them down. I usually have mine down the week after Christmas so it's better to put them up early.