Sunday, November 11, 2012

Because He's Cute and He Can Get Away With It

Friday, The Murph and I were getting ready to head to the Chattanooga area.  I was running in the Chickamauga Battlefield Marathon in Ft. Oglethorpe, Georgia on Saturday.  Ft. Oglethorpe is right outside of Chattanooga, Tennessee and about a 2 1/2 hour drive from Birmingham, Alabama so we were just going for one night and coming right back home after the marathon.

As I was trying to pack up and get ready to leave, I guess Cadence decided to take a stand against my leaving.  He doesn't like it when the suitcases come out.  None of our cats do.  They don't like us to leave even for short periods unless we are going to the gym and it's their nap time.

It happened when I couldn't find my arm warmers.  Before I knew it, Cadence was on top of my bag.  Actually inside the bag getting cat fur all over my running clothes.

He refused to budge as I went around him taking pictures with the camera.

He just sat there and watched.  Refusing to get out.

I could have picked him up and tossed him off my clothing, but...

He looked pretty cute and he has been known to bite.

Besides he had that - I dare you, double dare you look on his face.

Then I threw one of his toys across the room, thinking he would jump off my bag and go after it.

Didn't work.  He just gave me "the look".

After about 30 minutes (and I found my arm warmers), he finally jumped off for some Friskies Party Mix cat snacks.  He likes to snack as much as I do.

Only my pre-race snacks included bananas, Power Bars and G2.

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  1. Adorable!
    They hate when we leave. They know. It's the luggage, of course -a dead giveaway.