Thursday, November 15, 2012

What I Did Today- Christmas Trees, Manicure and Hair Balls

I finally started putting the ornaments on the Christmas trees today.  I almost finished, but still have a few more ornaments, the garland and the tree toppers to go.  Next I'll set up the Christmas village collection and then do the mantle, centerpieces on the dining room and kitchen tables and the outside lights and wreath.  We already have a neighbor who beat me with the outside Christmas lights and decorations.  I thought I would be the first to get mine up, but no, they win.

I purchased this musical note garland at Pottery Barn a few years ago and used it for garland around the big Christmas tree last year.  I don't know what I am going to do with it this year since it doesn't really go with the gold and silver color scheme on the big tree that I'm doing this year.  I am switching everything up from last year.

I could probably use it on this smaller tree in the family room.  Colors here are red, green and gold and the ornaments are more casual and fun.

The cats are really digging the trees.

I got a manicure and pedicure today using my favorite black nail color - OPI Lincoln Park After Dark found HERE.  It is lovely dark, eggplant color.  I have also used the matte OPI Lincoln Park After Dark color, which is very unique, but I don't like it as much as the regular version.

This is one of my favorite Christmas pillows purchased at Pottery Barn HERE a few years ago.   I discovered the other night that Cadence likes to sleep on it so it's now covered in cat hair. 

Phantom enjoying the Christmas tree.

Another one of OPI Lincoln Park After Dark.

Lot of nice things going on today, but also some not so nice things...

Cadence had another hair ball incident.  The Murph blamed it on too many cat snacks.  You can see Phantom checking it out.

I wish I could train this cat to clean up his own hair balls.  Unfortunately, he's been begging me all day for snacks and I've refused to give him any after the incident.  He can be very demanding, but I've stayed strong.  Tough love!


  1. Cats can be SO persistent. If you had a dog, he/she would clean up after the kitties, although dogs usually draw the line at hairballs.

    1. Gross!! That's is one good reason we don't have a dog! lol