Thursday, August 23, 2012

"Let Them Eat Cake" (Or Cupcakes)

Today was my mom's "29th" birthday.  She's been "29" for at least 30 years, but who's counting, right? I was fortunate to have her agree to go with me to meet with the bakery that I wanted to do my wedding cake.  The Murph who seems to be very anti-cake was going to go with me, but really didn't want to so I gave him a pass.  Dreamcakes Bakery is a local company in Homewood, Alabama and I was informed that they make the best tasting cakes and cupcakes ever.

I picked my mom up early so we could look for shoes for her to wear with the dress she chose for the wedding.  We found the perfect pair at DSW, our second stop before heading to the Dreamcakes Bakery.  They are Liz Claiborne Massey sandals found Here in off-white.  I think they will be perfect with her dress.

I took pictures of my wedding dress and pictures of some of the wedding cakes I have found in magazines that I like.  We met with K at Dreamcakes and she was very nice and brought out samples of the different cake flavors as well as photo albums and an Ipad full of wedding cake pictures and ideas.

For the wedding cake we decided on three square layers with the first layer having the exact embroidery, beading and design as the top of my wedding dress, the second layer being a little plainer (like my dress) with some edible pearl beading and the last layer having the exact same embroidery and sparkle as the bottom of my wedding dress.  There will also be some flowers in the wedding color strategically placed on the cake and a sparkly monogram of the initial of our last name on top if I can find one to order and get it in on time.

The grooms cake is going to be a special surprise, but will include some chocolate, red velvet and a strawberry cake layer since the bride cake is traditional white cake with lemon filling and vanilla butter cream icing on the top and bottom and almond cream icing on the middle layer.   This bakery does make some very tasty cakes.

They are most famous for their cupcakes.  Since it was my mom's "29" birthday, she picked out some different flavor cupcakes, Lemon Drop, Strawberry Lemonade, and Coconut Cream.  I took home the Lemon Drop, Maple Bacon (yes it is a cupcake with bacon on it), and Over the Moon, which is vanilla butter cream and my favorite so far.

Lemon Drop and Strawberry Lemonade Cupcake

Over The Moon Cupcake

Lemon Drop, Maple Bacon, Over the Moon Cupcakes
I'm saving the Maple Bacon cupcake for breakfast tomorrow.  I was told it tastes like pancakes and bacon.  I've already nibbled or licked all three of them so I can tell you right now they are all delicious.  I warned The Murph if he wanted one of them he should get the side that I didn't lick.  He said that's okay.  He doesn't want any cupcakes.  He still wonders why the heck we need wedding cakes at all.

My cupcakes are safe.  They will still be in the box when I'm ready to eat them tomorrow.

Unless this guy gets them.  He's not suppose to be on the kitchen table, but he wanted to be up higher so he could watch me taking pictures of the cupcakes.  He's very bad!

Very bad!


  1. OMG! LOL at the 29th birthday for the last 30 years. My aunt has been 29 as long as I can remember too. Small world! That 29 club is booming!! :)

    1. Yes it is! I should've joined that club years ago!

  2. Bacon cupcake?!? I am in love!!!

    And I've been 29 for ages too. :)

    1. The cupcake was delicious. Tasted just like a very fluffy moist pancake with maple syrup and bacon. Yum!

  3. Let me start by saying that I love cupcakes. And a maple bacon cupcake sounds great to me, especially for breakfast. And I still can't believe that the Murph doesn't like cake!? And the cake you described sounds great. It'll look fantastic at your wedding.

    1. Well I thought the cupcakes would be safe because the Murph said he didn't want any, however, after dinner last night he made one disappear in about two bites! Apparently, he does like cupcakes, he just prefers to eat healthier. Next time I will have to hide them!

  4. Your mom's shoes will be perfect with her dress.
    Pretty cupcakes! I desperately miss the gourmet cupcake bakery on King Street in Charleston.
    Phantom looks very sweet and innocent..

    1. Actually that cat is Cadence. Phantom is the very large, menacing, black and white tuxedo cat. He doesn't follow me around and get in all the pictures like Cadence does.

      Charleston probably had some really great bakeries!