Sunday, June 30, 2013

Saying Goodbye To The Pensacola Beach Observation Wheel

This was all that was left of the Pensacola Beach Observation Wheel a few days ago. It is being disassembled and moved to Centennial Olympic Park in Atlanta, Georgia. We never even got to ride in it. I guess many people didn't ride in it because lack of interest seems to be the reason it is moving. I also read that the owners were going to have to change out the lights because it was disrupting the nesting sea turtles. 

Guess they thought moving it would be wiser than changing out all the lights. I don't really understand why the sea turtles are attracted to the lights anyway. Seems like they would want more privacy as they lay their eggs. Or maybe it's the baby turtles who see the lights and want to go to the lights instead of the ocean because ferris wheels are just as much fun as swimming.

Does anybody really know?

I have to admit I have gotten use to seeing the wheel and I think it has been a great and unique attraction for Pensacola Beach. I sure hate to see it go!


  1. I'm so sad the wheel is leaving!!! Didn't know about the sea turtle connection. Atlanta snuck in and stole it if you ask me!!!

    1. You're probably right! Dang that Atlanta!

  2. I don't remember the wheel..
    The beach ball water tower brings back memories for sure!