Monday, July 2, 2012



                                                 My levels                High Levels
Lead Detected 1210 ug/kg   H 1000 ug/kg ICPMS
Mercury Detected                 1263 ug/kg   H 400 ug/kg  ICPMS

You might have read my post here last week about the chelating green smoothie I'm drinking to try to flush some of the high levels of mercury out of my body.  I have been consuming large amounts of cilantro and reading anything I can find on the internet on the process of heavy metal elimination and mercury poisoning.  For a health obsessed person like me, this hasn't been fun.

Seriously, see my levels of mercury above.  Not to mention lead!  Your body is suppose to natural flush these things out so apparently my body is not doing the job or either I'm doing something that is putting large amounts of mercury in my body.  I don't eat fish so that's not where it's coming from.  I have one silver filling left, but could that produce toxic levels of mercury?  I had a mouth full of silver amalgams when I was 12 years old.  The more I read about them and mercury, the angrier I get about it.

I received the NAC from Life Extensions the other day and have started taking them.  This should also help my asthma and lung issues.  I wonder if my lung issues have any connection with the high mercury levels in my body?   I took one of these for the first time ever before bed the other night and I swear I could feel it working.  My entire body hurt.  I was afraid it was causing some kind of liver damage so I did some research and it actually saves the liver from toxins in your body.  Guess I had LOTs of toxins that night cause every time I've taken it since then it has had less of a noticeable effect.

I'm taking Chorella as well because it helps remove the mercury that the cilantro has pulled from wherever it is being stored (the brain among other places) and get it out of your body.  Apparently, if you don't flush it from your body, it will sit in the small intestines and will just get reabsorbed back into your body.

Mercury isn't the only heavy metal I have in my body.  Here's the report as well as the reccomendations on how to remove some of it.  As you can see, Cilantro was mentioned.  I'm not making this crap up.  Who knew!

Substance Lab Result Test Value High Value Test Method
Arsenic Detected 28.12 ug/kg 80 ug/kg ICPMS
Cadmium Detected 88.98 ug/kg 100 ug/kg ICPMS
Chromium Detected 376.6 ug/kg 500 ug/kg ICPMS
Lead Detected 1210 ug/kg   H 1000 ug/kg ICPMS
Mercury Detected 1263 ug/kg   H 400 ug/kg ICPMS
The Lead detection was slightly elevated. The Mercury detection presented at a level three (3) times higher than reference high values. Please review the Chelation Therapy comment below.

Chelation Therapy - The Reduction of Heavy Metal Levels

If one or more of your heavy metal detection levels reported above substantially exceed the stated reference ranges for the provided test sample you may wish to consider starting a chelation treatment. Chelation is designed to reduce heavy metal levels over a period of time. There are two (2) ways to approach the use of chelation. Present your test report to either an M.D. who specializes in chelation treatments or your local health food store who can offer you effective, non-prescription, products designed for this purpose. Consider a product identified as NAC (N-Acetyl Cysteine- oral) or equivalent. Follow the suggestions of the store technician who should have adequate product knowledge. Follow the product dosage directions stated on the product and/ or packaging container. Of equal importance you need to examine your daily food and drink intake to try and establish a cause for your elevated heavy metals levels. Following chelation therapy of 90-120 days or so you should have another hair strand or urine toxicology test conducted to see if the heavy metals levels are being reduced.
For your information Cilantro, the leaves of the Coriander plant, also known as Chinese parsley, have been reported as being an effective natural herb remedy in the reduction of some excessive heavy metal levels.  HYPERLINK "" Learn more. Cilantro is a very popular herbal ingredient found in Mexican cuisine, particularly in the salsa.

I came across this while doing research on mercury toxicity and the health benefits of cilantro.   We are living in such a polluted environment that anyone with any kind of compromised immune system and low glutathione levels could be accumulating this stuff faster than they are able to get rid of it.  I don't know if the Boy has high mercury levels like I do, but he won't touch cilantro or green smoothies anyway.

This guy reminds me of the guys who use to white water kayak with us.  The guys with long hair pulled back in a pony tail that we called "Dude" who found all the best spots on the river to show off their advanced kayaking maneuvers.  The guys that could do a perfect ender and then go right into a pirouette in their kayaks and we would be on the sidelines all clapping and yelling, "DUDE!  YEAH!"

Read more on mercury poisoning here.


  1. It is inspiring to read your story about being a serious runner--today I learned-- in spite of your asthma and lung issues. Recently I learned I too have a asthma (mild) and was concerned it might slow my activities down some. Reading your blog is definitely an inspiration for me now and I look forward to checking back in here to read all about your marathons.

    oxoxoxo from San Francisco

    1. Thanks bridechic! Asthma doesn't have to slow you down. It can be managed. Mine has gotten worse over time, but I still run, train and race. I love reading your wedding posts. It has given me some really good ideas.

  2. That's strange that you have such high levels of toxins in your body. I wonder where they came from? Either way, I know you'll have them down to safe levels in no time.

    1. I wish I knew. I am looking into everything. Even some products I use on a daily basis.

  3. I don't know anything about mercury. But, my middle child has had some issues with lead poisoning. Mostly because we live in a older home. He was chewing on some stuff that had lead (which was expensive to remove) But, there is still some in our dirt and when he starts eating dirt we get the high levels. The chelation med has done wonders for getting the levels down quickly. Lead isn't something to be messed with. It can cause serious issues with your organs. Even people who live in new homes might be getting high doses from new water faucets etc. Never use hot water to cook with. And always run the water like 20 seconds before you use it.

    Sorry about your filling. But, I think it might be adding to the issue. Maybe you should contact a dentist about that.

    1. When I was a Realtor we had Lead paint disclosure forms that had to be signed for any house built before 1978 that could have lead paint. My house was built in 1980 so shouldn't have lead paint. Not sure about pipes. What Chelation med did they give your son? I may go that route if the natural stuff doesn't work. Mercury is the second most toxic element on earth and they put it in our mouths!??

    2. He has taken Chemet and it really helped. We have to special order it from a University b/c regular pharmacies around here don't carry it. Its a complete pain. It does smell horrible though:/ And the pills are huge for a little kid with sensory issues. But, I am so glad that the med exists.

      Its interesting that your home is newer and you are getting it. The lead might be coming from a neighboring property like as air particles from cracking paint. Maybe old dishes? Or old furniture? In the end its best to find the source instead of just trying to medicate or flush it (although that is incredibly important) anyway, I really hope you find the source.

      I can't believe they put mercury in mouths stupid. Can you believe that kids use to play with mercury and toys covered with lead? Its just crazy.

    3. I forgot to ask, did anyone else score so high? We had everyone tested to see if we could link it. Like if everyone had a high level we should get lab tests on water, not just the over the counter tests for water. KWIM? Also if you are a person who takes lots of supplements you might want to look into that. Also since you work out so much maybe you should test your bike or electronics. You'd be surprised the places you can get lead.

    4. Nobody else has been tested yet. I would like to get my son tested. Did you do a hair test or blood? I do take lots of supplements and work out at the gym everyday with my ipod and always have those ear buds in my ear. I had heard that strands of christmas lights have lead and to always wash your hands after handling them. I never really thought about other kinds of cords. That could possibly be a culprit. I haven't been on my bike much. I have one that's alluminum and carbon and one that's titanium. I get on the exercise bike at the gym almost every day. I bet there are lots of lead suspects there.

  4. I had no idea!! Thank you for the information. And I'm glad I like cilantro. :)

    1. I like cilantro too. I'm even getting use to it with fruit in the smoothie.

  5. I like cilantro. I have never tried drinking smoothies that often. Maybe I should give it a shot.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

    1. It's actually very good now that I know how to make it less strong. Lime and mint leaves help.

  6. Just go get some lead indicator tests at a home improvement store. Line up a bunch of stuff that you use and just go down the line. I had ones that if the first item didn't have lead you could do another test maybe two with it. So I would put a low suspected item with two items that I highly suspected.

    We do the blood tests from the arm. Getting the sample from a finger isn't as accurate. My son hates it and cries whenever we go there:(

    1. Great ideas. Thanks for the information. I have always tried to stay healthy and do things to improve my health and fitness. This was a real eye opener. The more research I've done on it the more I realize just how many "toxins' are in our everyday products that we use every single day. I am paying more attention.