Wednesday, November 27, 2013

From Wrecking Balls To Kitty Cats

I am sure by now you have all seen the Miley Cyrus video where she's singing my theme song, "Wrecking Ball".  The Murph made this my theme song the first time he heard it because my official nick name is Wrecking Ball. Now she's singing my theme song with a giant lip syncing kitty performing behind her in the video.

I believe she has my life totally represented...

Wrecking ball... giant cats (probably hungry),,, and don't forget the tight, stretchy not much there clothing (except hers has cat heads all over it)... see what I mean here? Am I right?

Now if next time she includes a bicycle, swim cap, running shoes or anything to do with Barbies, I'm really gonna have to check my house for spy ware.

I'm on to you Miley!


  1. I'm scared to watch it.. Not gonna - lest I have nightmares.

    1. snart move! Every time I've seen it I think WTF!