Saturday, April 14, 2012

First Almost Futile Attempt At Ryan Gosling (the meme I mean....)

I'm not that creative so this is about as good as I can do.  I apologize in advance....

This is my first attempt at the Special needs Ryan Gosling meme that was started several weeks ago by Sunday Stillwell.  See more or these memes at her blog here -

I would never have been able to figure this out if The Boy wasn't here from college to help me.  He gets all the credit on helping me cut, paste, save, etc.  He didn't think my memes were that funny although he did remember the botanical drops for relieving stress that I bought for him from GNC the summer he worked for his dad.  He said the drops actually worked.


  1. Your memes are great! And I'm so close to homeschooling too! The school is driving me nuts!

  2. Thanks! I came close to homeschooling as well, but never actually did. The school always did just enough to keep him there. Through the years my son begged me off and on to homeschool. I became a single parent when he was 10 so that ruled it out for good. I couldn't even get him to clean his room or do his homework so I don't know how I could've homeschooled him although I know alot of parent's who do homeschool. Hang in there! Sometimes I think it's the schools job to drive us nuts.

  3. AWESOME! I think I'd rather die than homeschool, but then I start to think it through...ughghghghg.

    No win.

  4. Yes, I agree.... no win situation. It some ways homeshooling seems better but in other ways not so much.