Friday, January 20, 2012

Internet Mystery Solved

This morning the Internet kept going down for some "unexplained" reason.  I was on my laptop and Ken was on his desktop computer and suddenly, for no reason at all, the Internet was gone.  I thought it was just being slow at first, but I tried for 20 minutes to get back online.  Ken finally gave up and got dressed to go work out.  Finally, I went downstairs to The Boy's area where our wireless router is located and just turned everything off and then immediately back on.  I came back up and got on my laptop, but the Internet still wouldn't come back up.  Frustrated, I gave up and went to work out at the gym.

When I got home I had ten missed calls and a text message from The Boy demanding to know why his servers were down.  I called him back and said I don't know, but I would like to know why our Internet isn't working. (We had a feeling The Boy had something to do with it)   I told him what I did earlier and he said "Oh, my gosh! I can't believe you did that!  Don't turn things off unless you call me first."

Apparently, The Boy was backing up his laptop to the server he has downstairs and it took longer than what he thought it would.  Ten hours.  So when we got up this morning and logged on our computers, he was taking up space with his backup almost 300 miles away.  Needless to say, it took me over an hour on the phone with him while he guided me through what to do to get the Internet back up and running.  I told him to NEVER do that again in the morning when we are always using the Internet.  He said he would let me know if it took that long again.  I just got a call from him wanting to start the back up over again now, since I screwed up his back up last night when I shut everything off this morning.

I told him to wait an hour or so and that seemed to be all right with him.  I really need to know what's going on downstairs on all those server things.  He was laughing at me today because I couldn't even figure out how to use the wireless mouse.  It had more buttons and things than I'm use to.  It's kind of scary knowing that The Boy is in control of our Internet set up!  If we ever have a problem with it, I don't think even the cable company that we get the Internet service from would know what to do to get us back up and running.  Not to mention the noise coming from down there....

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  1. OMG...300 miles away...How can that be???
    Sounds like your downstairs is going into
    outer space..LOL