Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Dorm Rooms and Pillow Shams

Basic Bedding, no pillow shams
I tried to get some pictures of The Boy when we dropped him off at his dorm the other day.  He wasn't being very cooperative.  This is all I could get of him and his dorm room.  The dorm wasn't in extremely bad shape although I'm sure he doesn't get around to cleaning it very often and left it in somewhat of a mess when he came home for the holidays.  I was a little surprised that it wasn't worse though.  

The comforter we picked out for his dorm room last summer came with matching pillow shams.  Neither he nor The Murph really knew what use pillow shams were (they weren't really even sure what shams are until I explained it to them) and we didn't have enough pillows on his bed to use them anyway. The shams are still sitting on the dresser where I left them last August when we moved him into the dorm.  I really should get a couple of pillows for those things.  The Murph and The Boy love to make fun of the shams.  I guess shams aren't really a guy thing.  The Boy's bed at home has both regular pillows with shams and European pillows with shams. His bed probably has a total of 9 pillows if you count the decorative ones and he doesn't even realize he has pillow shams on some of his pillows.  If I ever get brave enough to go down to his room and make the bed, I will take pictures.  He has a really nice Ralph Lauren comforter and sheet set that are very masculine and perfect for a guy.   His dorm comforter is a plain, dark grey, basic comforter purchased at Kohl's with matching sheets and pillow shams, of course, unused for now.

The Boy, not wanting his picture taken
One more try....


  1. I like that he has an Einstein poster in his dorm room!

  2. He likes Einstein. That's his second one. I got it for him in New Orleans a few years ago at an art gallery that sold prints and posters too.