Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Wedding Shadow Box

We ordered this right after the wedding over a year ago and our florist shipped my wedding bouquet and the Murph's boutonniere to a company called Freeze frame/bloombeads.  Freeze Frame preserves flowers from weddings or memorials and makes custom shadow boxes or jewelry with them. It took a long time for us to get the finished product because they were backed up with orders.

As you can see, it was worth the wait.

It is a true work of art. They helped me pick the frame and background color that worked best with the flowers and the invitation. There were hundreds of different options.

Currently, we have the box hanging next to an arrangement of our wedding pictures. That other picture on the ground with the brown frame has been moved to another spot. We have no place to put it for now, at least not in this house. Maybe our next house.

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  1. I had this done with my bouquet 20 years ago. I guess the technology wasn't as good back then, because it has really started to fade and fall apart. I have to be so careful with it. Yours turned out beautifully!