Tuesday, March 27, 2012

This Cat Doesn't Approve Of Being An "Indoor Only" Cat

Phantom at the back door wanting out...
I made the mistake of letting Phantom outside to explore hoping he would get some of his "stalking" and predator instincts out of his system on bugs instead of the other cats.  He has always been an indoor cat, but has wanted out ever since he's been a kitten.  I let him out yesterday for two hours in the fenced back yard while I read a book and got some sun.

When he came back inside, I immediately gave him a good bath just in case fleas had started setting up housekeeping on his underbelly.  He did not like it one bit, fighting and screaming (yes screaming) at the top of his lungs.

Today he wants back outside and has been sitting by the door (or scratching it), trying to get out all morning. Unfortunately, I don't have flea powder or a flea collar to put on him and another bath is not going to happen this week.  One bath a month is too many.  I got a better workout bathing him yesterday than I ever do in the gym.

Poor guy's been driving us crazy with his plaintive meowing and scratching on doors and roaming around stalking the other cats nonstop.  He should have been an outdoor cat.  He would've been much happier.  The Murph says he's ok with me opening the door and letting Phantom out permanently.  Very funny - NOT!  I don't even let this cat outside by himself.  I watch him like a mom watches her toddlers at the playground.  I'm an overprotective cat mommy.  This does not work well for Phantom.  He's already left the back door and is now begging to get out the front door.  It's so nice out that I can't say I blame him for wanting out, but he's driving us crazy!  

Phantom now at the front door worn out from all the scratching and begging....


  1. poor kitty!
    our old cat princeton did ok transitioning to an indoor-only life. in her elder years, she was diabetic, and we had no choice but to keep her in.
    whiskey was a different story! when we came to the states, she insisted, so we intended to let her go out once we thought she was settled enough to not run off. (we did take her out a few times wearing a leash and harness. oh, the indignity!) of course, life took a different course when she became ill... :(
    phantom was clearly an outside free spirit in another life.

    1. It is sad. I feel bad for him. I will probably take him for another outing (if he keeps begging ) if we get him a flea collar. We don't want him to bring fleas inside the house.

      I remember sweet Princeton. You had to give her shots for the diabetes. Poor thing! Whiskey was on an outing of some sort when I came to visit you in the BVI so I didn't get to meet her I think. She may have showed up my last day but I don't remember. I remember you were worried about her. Glad she came back home and you had many more years with her.