Monday, October 29, 2012

What The F#@K! Or The Boy's Fav New Word...

Last week we headed south to Pensacola Beach to spend a few days since the condo wasn't rented.  The Boy doesn't have classes on Fridays, so I went over and picked him up from his apartment on Thursday and brought him back to Pensacola Beach.  I didn't realize how long it's been since The Boy's been to the beach.  The first thing he said as we we crossed the bridge coming onto the island is "What the F@#K!  There's a FERRIS wheel here now??  What the F#@K is that thing doing here??"

Yes, he's learned some new words in college.  Okay, he already knew that word, but it didn't come out of his mouth in every sentence pre-college.   Don't worry though.  I quickly pointed out that it was NOT a "ferris" wheel, but an "observation" wheel.

The difference?  I'm not so sure, except maybe it has something to do with the temperature controlled, enclosed compartments instead of dangling your feet in the open air several stories high.

No, we didn't take a ride on it, but we did eat huge burgers at McGuire's Irish Pub before we crossed the bridges and then whipped into Starbucks for a vanilla bean frappuccino (The Boy) and a caramel apple spice (Me).

It's all good!

Sunset over Mobile Bay


  1. Nice. My son too has heard the f word a FEW times around here, but he's only repeated it once. Now any time we used a swear word he gets right on us and explains how bad language isn't acceptable.

    And we've never taken Jacob on a ferris wheel. I'm not sure if he'd like it, but if we ever get a chance to we will.

    1. After I corrected my son, he didn't use the word as much. I don't like to hear it every time he opens his mouth. I don't think he even realizes he's saying it. It just comes out because he hears it so much around him at school.

  2. Yeah, he's just gotten accustomed to hearing the f word at college. It's like being around sailors all the time. You know where I'm coming from. ;)
    Plus it may be fun to say, you know, for emphasis. Nevertheless, it's not nice. Probably since you corrected him, he'll use it less - at least in your presence.

    1. It's a bad habit. Save the f word for when your REALLY mad and mean business. That's what I do.