Monday, October 10, 2011

The Cardio Challenged Murph

The other day at the gym I mentioned to a woman I know that usually works out the same time as the Murph and I that the Murph had just bought a new bike so we were going for a ride later.  Of course, we didn't do the bike ride.  The Murph somehow weaseled his way out of it.  That was a week ago and the Murph still hasn't been on that bike.
The Murph's new bike.
Looks real nice but probably won't be used much.
(really cool reflectors!!)

Yesterday the same woman asked if we ever did the ride and I said "no, the Murph said it was too windy."

Today she was working out with the fitness instructor that teaches the Spinerval class that the Murph keeps saying he's going to do, but never does and they cornered the Murph over by the weight machine and asked him if he had ridden his bike yet.  He said "no, too windy, I don't ride in the wind."  The fitness instructor said "Oh, that's just another excuse!"

The Murph works out every single day and sometimes twice, but he ONLY does weights.  He avoids cardio at ALL cost.  He has a million and one excuses and always says he's going to do cardio  "tomorrow" or start on a cardio schedule "next week".  You would think that since he's with me (a ironman triathlete cardio freak) that some of it would rub off on him.  No way!  He's the Murph!

I told him he's just cardio challenged.

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  1. so the murph doesn't do cardio...
    i'm the opposite, weights bore me. i don't do weights very often. i'd rather be moving...walking, spinning, pilates, yoga...
    nice bike. i've got my eye on a couple of electra cruisers, still undecided.