Sunday, March 4, 2012

Rock and Roll New Orleans Marathon

I just finished running in the Rock and Roll New Orleans marathon, formerly called the Mardi Gras Marathon.  This is one marathon I have wanted to do for a number of years, but just haven't for some reason.  I think one of the main reasons was that it use to fall on the same weekend as the Mercedes Marathon in Birmingham, Al and I usually either do the Mercedes whole or half since it's in my hometown.  I love Pensacola, FL, but I have to say that the New Orleans Marathon is far superior to Pensacola or Mercedes.  It's flat!  No hills, and yes, there are hills in Pensacola.  More than just the two I was told there were.  The entire first part of the course in Pensacola was a slow, steady, calf burning climb along Scenic Highway.  Beauful, but not good for the calves.  Mercedes has hills, but the most deadly ones are no longer part of the course.  I think my calves are happier with a flatter course like New Orleans.  Besides, it is such a beautful, historic city.

The New Orleans marathon was moved to March, which made it perfectly fit in with my marathon training.  I was able to do the Mercedes half (I added 7 miles at the end to do a 20 miler) and then taper for this race.  My goal time was 4 hours 15 minutes and I was very, very close.  I am also now a firm believer in compression socks.  I wore my new Run Love compression socks (the white ones since I still haven't received the pink ones) and my calves are not sore at all.  The rest of my entire body is toast, including not only my quads and hamstrings, but also my back, abs, and lungs.  My calves feel fantastic!  Thank god for compression.  Maybe I wouldn't be sore at all if I had worn a complete compression suit.  (do they even make those?) I'm just joking, of course,  I have compression tights and don't like them much.  I wore them in the half marathon a few weeks ago and they didn't help my calves at all.
pre race potty stop

There were 22,000 runners today, but Ken managed to find me twice on the course and then at the finish while I was stumbling around a little dazed.  I didn't think I was ever going to find him and the security guard was making me go through the gate out of the finisher area into the huge mass of people on the other side of the fence.  He barely made it in time to see me finish because the cab driver that took him to City Park where the finish line was, let him off about 4 miles away (he says 4, probably more like 1 :)) and then he had to figure out how to walk to the finish area.  I was so happy to see him and to be finished!  

After the race we headed over to Pinkberry Yogurt because I was having a craving.  We were lucky enough to have one right near the hotel.  I got the original flavor with granola, yogurt chips and blackberries.   It's my new favorite yogurt.  Yum!
Then it was advil, shower and a nap since I didn't sleep at all last night in anticipation for the race today.

Now I have run a marathon in five states - Alabama, Florida, Louisiana, Tennessee, and Massachusetts (Boston -Yea!)  Now I only have 45 more states to go....

Me and the Running Nazi pre race
More Race Photos

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  1. way to go, barbie! :) nice you got to see some sites while there, too. aren't those new orleans houses amazing?
    no hills would be the only way i could run...if i was actually a runner. i've tried a few times in my life, and decided i'm just not made for it.
    i'd be the one in a full compression suit! ;)