Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Rain Boots And Woodpeckers - Blog Stats For This Blog's One Year Anniversary

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On this day, exactly one year ago, at almost this very exact time, I created the Konabarbie blog and did my very first ever blog post.  It was very lame, I didn't know anything at all about blogging (that hasn't changed much), but I thought it would be fun and occupy some of my time since The Boy had just left for college.  If you want to torture yourself and read it, go here.  I really wouldn't bother though.  Not worth the click.  Really.

It's amazing how much of my time and life was consumed with The Boy, Asperger's, and the ordeal of getting him through high school (kindergarten, elem school, middle school, life).  This ordeal made even worse by the fact that over time I had become worn down, depressed, ADD, and a host of other yet to be diagnosed issues that have popped up and become worse over the years of stress and not having time to deal with my own stuff.  Just dealing with The Boy's issues was enough.  Who has time do deal with their own issues when they have kids with issues?

I went from 250 mph to 20 the day we moved The Boy to school and hired a tutor to basically take my place while he was there.  And all the accommodations were lined up and soooo easy to get.  (unlike the other school).  AND best of all, The Boy suddenly, miraculously, started doing things on his own and taking some initiative.  Now why couldn't he have done that all along??  Before my hair turned gray and my mental state collapsed.

Well anyway, with him gone, for the first time in 19 years,  I had free time on my hands so the Konabarbie blog was born.  I had just gotten back from doing Ironman 70.3 in Hawaii with The Murph, so that's where the "Kona"part came from.  The barbie part came from me and The Murph always joking that we're "Ken and Barbie".  Lame, but I do love Barbie and Ken and I do love Kona (it's Hawaii, what's not to love!)  so "Konabarbie" became the name of my blog.




Looking back today over Konabarbie's all time top blog posts, I'm a little surprised about which ones made the top three.  I never knew there were so many people out there looking for rain boots.  It must rain a lot across the globe because the blog readers come from all over.   Also, who knew Woody Woodpecker was such a popular guy.  Or maybe people just enjoy seeing The Murph, Odyssey Home and me totaling screwing up a perfectly good photo op.

Surprisingly enough, none of my cat antic posts are all that popular.  Only to me, but that's okay!  I love all my cat pictures and cat blog posts.

My all time most popular post, which to this day (even now), is on in the top three page views is Rain Boots And Rolling Bags.  Number two top blog post is Woody Woodpecker and number three is Love These MK Rain Boots.

I do love those Michael Kors Rain Boots!  Looks like I'm not the only one out there who does.

Finishing up in the top five are The Not So Great Baby Chick Idea, when I discovered I couldn't raise chickens in the backyard and The Dolly Parton Bridge , which is a very unique structure we encounter whenever we go to visit The Boy at school.

Hauling Out The White Clothes is hanging in there at number 6.  It seems like there is always someone googling the key words "Why never to wear white clothes in San Francisco".  Poor folks probably wonder how the heck they ended up on Konabarbie's porch.

I always enjoy seeing what key words bring people to my blog.  The most unsettling was when I saw that someone found my blog by typing in "lulumon ass" because of this picture that The Murph took of me when we were at the park.

When I first saw "lulumon ass" I freaked out.  I didn't know if I was on some kind of porn site or why the heck my ass was involved in a google search.  I still don't know if I like my ass being out there on the Internet, but The Murph and I joke about it every time I wear those lulumon tights.

Now whenever I wear these Lulumon tights....

The Murph (rather sarcastically)  "Lulu Lulu Lulumon....  asssss!"

Me (defensively) "Leave my ass out of this!  I didn't want my ass out there all over the internet!  YOU are the one that took that picture!"

The Murph (Laughing smugly) " Ohhhh.... but you were the one who put it on your blog!  You're out there all right!  Lulumon ASSS!!"

Followed by an extremely evil laugh....

Top Ten All Time Blog Posts

It's Friday! Know What That Means?

I guess you just never can tell what will happen to those pictures you post out on the internet and which ones will bring you blog traffic.

I'm looking forward to another year of blogging!


  1. That's kind of interesting to see how people find your blog..I should look at my stats more often.
    Hard to believe it's been a year since you started blogging!

    1. I know! You've been trying to get me to start blogging for years! I should have listened!

  2. This post is hilarious. I know just what you mean. I often look at my stats and think WTF. Most popular post of all time on mine is the one where I just posted Instagram pictures of my son's Big Wheel. Whatever floats ones boat I guess.

    1. I use to have a big wheel when I was a kid. I loved it! I don't think my son cared for his as much as I liked mine. One thing for sure, pictures do bring people to blogs.

  3. Happy 1 year anniversary Kristy. I often look at my stats and wonder where they'll be in a year's time. Hopefully, mine are as high as yours when my first year is up.

    1. Thanks Jim! I wasn't sure if mine were that high or not. Seems like there are so many blogs out there that get more page views in one day than I did all year! One thing I have discovered is certain key words bring a steady stream to my blog and they usually involve fashion, popular cartoon characters and certain architectural structures. Try taking a picture of yourself wearing rain boots! That will bring a few page views/per day! :)

  4. Congrats and happy first year anniversary! I remember my first blog post. It was more like a book chapter than post--I do tend to run on. Since I started in 2008 many things have changed. The formatting and picture size is different. Also there are sooooooooo many folks out there blogging away . . .

  5. Thanks! So true! There's a blog about just about everything out there these days. My first blog post was extremely short. I didn't know how to start or what to write about. I had tried to start a real estate blog several years ago. And a real estate twitter account. It had 0 tweets and 0 posts! Apparently I prefer writing about random stuff rather than real estate.

  6. So glad to find your blog! I'll check back often, because I love a good wedding story!

    1. Thanks for stopping by my blog! The wedding planning is in full force right now! I hopped over to your blog as well, especially when I see you are in Fairhope. We spend alot of time down there and it's on our "places to move" short list. We love it! Your blog is great!