Thursday, October 11, 2012

Back To Normal After The Wedding

The house is back to normal with just the Murph, me and the cats.  We drove the Boy back to school yesterday and dropped him off.  It was eight hours round trip, but not too bad.  He seemed ready to get back to school.  It really has worked out great this semester as far as getting his meds refilled.  Since he's been in school, we have seen him about once a month in time to refill meds for the next month.  Now he's good until he comes home during Thanksgiving.

The Murph dropped his dad off at the airport Tuesday to fly back to Philadelphia and then drive on to New Jersey.  I know he was ready to get back to his usual routine.  He had to get dialysis twice while he was down here and not too thrilled about the new unfamiliar place he had to go to.   I don't blame him.  We were just so happy he and his companion made the trip to attend our wedding.

The Murph's brother and family drove the 15 hours here from New Jersey.  They left bright and early Monday morning setting the security alarm off in the process.  I was really kind of surprised that that was the only time the alarm was set off with the number of people in the house.  Most mornings the Murph and I were the last ones to go to bed and activate it and the first to wake up and disarm it in the morning.  Murph's brother (the other Murph) was one minute ahead of us Monday morning and set it off before we got up.

It was one of those times when just a few minutes before the alarm, we could hear footsteps walking around upstairs, they were getting ready to leave.  The Murph and I usually sleep sans clothing, but I stayed in my pj's the night before since we had a houseful of people and we were in the office on an air mattress with the door open.  The Murph realized I had pj's on and had just asked me why I had my clothes on.  I had just explained to him that I didn't think that under the circumstances that it would be a good idea to sleep nude.  

The Murph, of course, was nude and didn't care, when all at once the alarm starts blasting.  The Murph can't get up without running streaking naked through the house, so he tells me to RUN, go turn it off and HURRY!  Before it woke up up the entire neighborhood.  Murph's brother (the other Murph) was already heading toward us saying maybe we should have come up with a plan the night before.

Good thing I had my clothes on!  I turned the alarm off as The Murph struggled into his pants, just in time to answer the phone from our security company.

The Murph's dad and companion didn't budge.   They didn't hear anything.  

On the way down to Birmingham, Murph's brother (the other Murph) ran over a skunk, so the entire time they were here, their automobile smelled like skunk.   I didn't get near the car to notice, but The Murph did a few times.  I hope they were able to avoid skunks on the way back north.  I don't usually see very many of skunks down here.  Mostly just deer and raccoon with an occasional armadillo.  They a least make for cleaner smelling road kill.  Temporarily, at least.

The house is too quiet now!


  1. Darn skunks. They've been bad around here too for some reason. It's good to hear that your families were able to attend the services, even with the long drives. And armadillos? I've never seen one of those before.

    1. The only armadillos I've seen are dead on the side of the road. That's the only reason I know we have them around here. i thought they were further south of here.

      We were very happy that the family came down. My family lives close by but the Murph's don't.

  2. The hats make a random, but nice, touch (first pic of course). Was that after several cocktails? ;)
    That alarm thing must've been a pain! Good thing someone was dressed in PJs.

    1. The hats were from the Cool Shots Photo Booth. We used that instead of a traditional guest book for people to take pictures with props or not and we got one copy for the guest book and they got a copy. I was actually sober believe it or not!