Monday, October 8, 2012

Wedding Flowers and Flip Flops

Just wanted to post some pictures of the beautiful flowers from the wedding.  They were absolutely gorgeous.  J Ross at Hot House Design studio did a great job.  I couldn't have been happier with them.  Most of these pictures I took this morning, but I will post the professional pictures when I get them.

I love the shades of pink and white flowers.  Our wedding colors were pink and gold. 

Two days later and the flowers still look great.  These were just some of the ones on the tables and my bouquet that we managed to grab on the way out of the country club as they were disassembling the arrangements.

A big hit with the women were these cute flip flops from Heels Off.  I found them online just last Saturday and emailed them to see if the flip flops could be delivered to me in time for the wedding.  Nina at Heels Off responded promptly even though it was Saturday and I had them shipped from the UK on Monday and I received them at my door in Birmingham, Alabama on Wednesday.  How fast is that??


They come 20 to a box in assorted small, medium and large sizes.

The flip flops come in a cute box too.  I had them sitting next to the DJ and the dance floor.  A couple of ladies kicked their heels off and put these on as soon as the reception started.

One of my friends that came to the wedding has a daughter getting married this month and is going to order some of these for her daughter's wedding.  It's a fun and practical wedding favor.

We got some really great wedding gifts including this one from The Murph's brother's family.

My brother's family gave us this frame with my favorite quote written on it.

One of our sweet guests had our wedding invitation framed for us in a gorgeous frame.  I love it!

This sign was at the entry way as our guests arrived for the wedding.

I love the bling on the bride's bouquet wrap!

The Murph's niece read parts of this book "I like You" during the ceremony.  On top are the groomsmen boutonnieres and some wedding mints we had out for guests near the entry.

One of our Waterford toasting flutes.

With a house full of family all weekend, I didn't see much of this little guy until everyone went to bed.  Then he would appear, hungry and demanding, just in time for bed.

I will have many more pictures of the actual wedding, my dresses, my beautiful bridesmaids and their dresses and the guys and their tuxes.  The Murph, his brother and The Boy looked so handsome in their tuxes!  Can't wait to show you!


  1. OMG, everything is SOOOOO BEAUTIFUL!!!! I love the flowers!

    And congrats!!!

    1. Thanks Lizbeth! I loved your autism presentation to your son's school.

  2. The flowers are beautiful. I'm glad the book reading worked out - I thought it was such a sweet book!
    Looking forward to more pics...
    xo S.

    1. Everything went GREAT! The murph's niece did an excellent job reading the book. I have lots more pics of the wedding.

  3. Congrats again on the wedding and I'm glad everything went well. And what a great idea it was to give out flip flops at the reception. Everything looked great and the flowers were fantastic. I can't wait to see more pics.

    1. The flip flops were a hit. I held out a couple of pairs for me!

  4. such beautiful flower arragement!!! love that you are a runner - wish I could, but my knees disagree with me every time I try :)

    1. Running can be hard on the knees but I love it! I guess I've gotten use to it now. I don't run as much as I use to though. I try to switch up and cross train.

  5. Well indeed i agree to the facts & i am quite happy to know that it's a good idea to give flip flop as a gift...definitely we can add happiness to one's wedding moment be a reception or wedding cermony..
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  6. I am so glad you loved your Heels Off flip flop box! xx Thanks for sharing us with everyone :)