Wednesday, October 3, 2012

I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do

I love ABBA!  Dancing Queen has always been one of my favorite songs from them.  I came across this song in my search of wedding ceremony music.  I love it!

Today when I signed into the knot website, it showed "only 3 more days" until the wedding.  I don't know why, but I panicked!  Then I realized that on our TO DO checklist on that same site, we have checked off 171 items and only have a mere 8 to go.

What a relief!

I got so much done today.  This morning we had our final dance lesson for our first dance, then I headed over to get my hair colored and had a trial wedding hair run.  Then I headed over to alterations to have final fittings on my dress.  They are perfect and wedding ready.  I picked up my mom's dress too.

Then I went ahead and got a pedicure, but am waiting until tomorrow or Friday for the manicure.

While I did that, after the dance lesson, the Murph went to get measured for his tux and then took the swizzle sticks and the final payment with the final head count to the country club where we are having the wedding.

And best of all, The Boy called today to ask me how I wanted him to get his hair cut.  Since he really wanted to have his hair cut by his usual girl here in Birmingham, I called and made him an appointment for when he gets home tomorrow.

What luck!  She is available tomorrow evening to cut The Boy's hair.  And he's willing to do it, no fights, no problems, just like that!  I never thought I would ever get to this point with him.

Thank you Lord!


  1. Have a totally fabuloso wedding on Saturday, dear and knock 'em dead in that Little White Dress

    1. Thanks Amy! I will try if I can get into that dress! Seriously, I thought losing some weight would help. Guess i didn't lose any around the middle...