Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Who Doesn't Need Hot Booties

Have you seen this commercial?  Well, we have.  All the time!  I will be so glad when it goes off the air.  Today it came on the television as I was writing thank you notes for the wedding gifts.   I heard The Murph talking to the tv from the next room, mocking the commercial, saying something like, "Hot Bootie!  Hot BOOOOOTIEEE!"

I nearly fell off my chair laughing at him, which only further encouraged him.  He then started calling out to me, "Oh, you know you want some hot bootie!  You KNOW you do!  Hot Boooootieee!"

I tried to ignore him and kept on writing so he starts in on the bootie bag.

"Get your bootie bag.  Go put your booties in your bootie bag and put it in the microwave.  Gotta get your bag for your booties!"

Will it ever stop???

Don't you want some hot booties?  Click here to order your very own.  Plus, you get a bootie bag of your very own!

Hot Booties Here!!

Go ahead!  You KNOW you want a pair!  You know you do!


  1. I've never seen these before. Do you really put them in the microwave after wearing them a bunch of times? I can picture it now. I come home after a long day, expecting to smell a fantastic meal. But what do I smell? Old feet. Yum.

    1. Yes, you really do according to the commercial. Can you imagine how sweaty they would get after being warm and on you feet for a while? Maybe the bootie bag holds the old feet smell in so it doesn't escape and get into the air....

  2. Oh dear. I haven't heard of these. Til now. Thanks! ;)
    In this climate, we are still in flip-flops...well, at home, that is. It's HOT and I don't mean "Hot Bootie" hot. Tempting as these are, I'll pass.

    1. That's probably smart! Who needs steamin hot texas bootie feet!