Friday, March 23, 2012

Azaleas On Steroids

I worked out this morning before trying to put out some of these fires, but I still needed to run, bike or swim or all of the above. (maybe all at the same time from the way I felt most of the day)  I finally made it outside this evening to get a short 4 mile run in before dark.  The rain has cleared up for now, but it was still very humid.  I felt much better afterward.  The azalea's in the yard are blooming like mad from all the rain.  It looks like we have azaleas on steroids in the yard.


The Dogwood trees are blooming too.  And the yellow pollen has been washed away.  It's very nice.

Before long it will be time to uncover the pool.

Deep breath...

Serenity now!

1 comment:

  1. flowers have a way of making everything better. your azaleas are amazing! we have two mystery shrubs at the front of the house with about 8 pink flowers - i don't know what they are; i need to get more familiar with the local flora. and our two magnolia trees don't really bloom - this isn't a very good environment for magnolias.
    to get our flower fix, we went to the botanical gardens last weekend. very nice!