Wednesday, February 6, 2013

February Things- Mercedes Course, New Yoga Cat Position, Etc

It's hard to believe it's already February and now we are on a new cat yoga pose on the wall calendar.  Is that really a yoga pose?  Because I'm no yoga expert, but I don't think it's physically possible to do what Ms. February is doing in that picture.

Downward dog yoga pose is good for runners like me with tight calves.  It has really helped keep me from having chronic achilles pain.  No runner wants this.  Believe me!  

This is my finisher medal from last year's Mercedes Half Marathon.  We had a huge group turn out to run the course Sunday.  There was a little bit of a change in the course from last year, but just a tweak. Overall, I really like the course.  It isn't too hilly and it is all familiar to me.  The full marathon does two loops of the course.  I personally haven't done the full since they changed it to two loops, but it is probably better this way if you are trying to qualify for Boston Marathon.  The old course was much hillier than this one.

After the run, the race director had Dunkin Donuts and coffee for all the runners at Boutwell Auditorium.  That was a very nice surprise!  I don't have any pictures, but I can promise you I had some of each!  Eating healthier is wearing me down!

I do have pictures of the almond pillow cookies I bought for my dessert as I watched the Super Bowl Sunday night.  I am very disappointed the 49ers didn't win.  The cookies helped me drown my sorrows.     The Murph doesn't like to have these in the house and he told me to hide them so he won't eat them.  The only problem is he knew they were in the house and in a weak moment he asked me to get some for him.  Since these things are valuable and we don't have them around that often, I had to put my foot down.  

No way was I giving up any of these babies!  Later he thanked me for not giving in and letting him have a cookie.   One of us has to stay strong!  

Besides, I don't share cookies very well.

Is anybody running any marathons or half marathons this Spring?  I'm still looking for a marathon to run.


  1. No marathons for moi. I know, big surprise. ;)
    Glad you're finding yoga beneficial. The pose Mr. February is doing is indeed a yoga posture but I don't know what it's called.

    1. You're right! If I had only just looked closer at the calendar I would see that the yoga pose is called the 'firefly" pose. Duh! It increases your sense of balance, tones the belly and increases strength in arms and wrists. Also, there's no way in hell I could possibly get myself into that pose! Mr. Feb is doing a great job at it though!

  2. The Murph must be strong because I would've done anything to get one of those cookies. I'd even get my dog to help me if I had to. And as for yoga, I'm no expert either. Congrats on the medal and good luck in the future. I'm sure you'll find a good marathon to compete in.

    1. The Murph gave a really good attempt, but I've already learned my lesson about him. He can't stop of one, he would eat the entire box, then he would try to make me feel guilty when we're at the store and I want to buy more. (cause he ate all the last box!) Strong or not, the Murph would've had to get through me to get those cookies! He gave up! :)