Monday, February 25, 2013

I Know It's A Little Late But Here's My Oscar Favs and The Not So Much Favs

I know I'm a little late doing a post on the Oscar's last night, but I've been tired all day, my legs are sore and I'm a little bit crampy.  So I apologize and I almost didn't post this out because of the lateness, but then I decided why the heck not.  It's my blog.  It's random.  I have a touch of ADD.  I can procrastinate if I want to procrastinate.  Besides, I worked out twice today and got a lot of things done around the house even though what I really needed was a nap.

First, here's all my favorites and yes, I'm including Jennifer Anniston's red Valentino gown even though I don't wear red that much.  I love the shade,  I think it looks great on her and I love the full skirt.  

Here are some more of my favs...

If you didn't love Jennifer Lawrence before she tripped up the stairs as she was going to get her Oscar, you surely love her now.  I love this look on her.  Very pretty Dior gown!

I love this one on Charlize Theron too.  Peplum's may not be such a bad thing after all!

My overall favorite was this sparkly Armani dress worn by Naomi Watts.  This would be my choice if I was up for an Oscar nominee.  I'm not holding my breath or anything.

Below are some of my not so favorites although I don't hate them.

This blush pink Prada gown worn by Anne Hathaway was just plain boring to me from the front.  The back was much more interesting, but by the time I saw the back I was almost asleep from boredom.

And another boring one.   She's gorgeous, but the look, "Yawn."

I have always thought Halle Berry was great, but this dress just didn't do it for me.  It actually was kind of scary looking, but there were other dresses much worse.

Like this one....

There were others I didn't really like, but I would rather put gowns I love on my blog so I'm finished for now.  I'm going to go ice my legs.

What was your favorite?


  1. Barbra Streisand! At 71 fabulous sequin dress, gold accessories (did you notice her hand piece?) and matching gold nail polish...

    1. I love Barbara Streisand! Her music, her movies, everything! I almost included her and Adele on the list not because of their gowns, but because their performances were my favorites of the entire show. I loved the collar necklace B was wearing. I can't believe I didn't notice the slave bracelet she was wearing. I love them! I wore one made from antique crystals at my wedding last October. B looked GREAT!

  2. I have to agree with you on all these gowns.
    I didn't recognize Charlize Theron with her short cut here.
    I just realized who Jennifer Lawrence is..."Winter's Bone". Have you seen it? A powerful film.

    1. I've never seen "Winter's Bone". She was in" The Hunger Games". That's the first movie I've seen her in. CT looks great in her short cut. I would never be brave enough to go that short though. I'm still scarred for life from my mom giving my pixie cuts with crooked bangs until I was in 2nd grade and rebelled.