Monday, February 4, 2013

Too Busy To Do A Real Blog Post So...

I've been too busy today to do a real post so I'm just gonna post some kitty pics.  I don't really know why I was too busy but I was just too busy being busy.  I don't know what I got accomplished, but it must have been something big because it took up my entire day.

I didn't have the heart to pack away the ho ho ho Christmas throw in the picture above because Phantom seems to enjoy napping on it.  I wish he'd been on it the other night when I spent almost an hour looking for him before I went to bed.

As always I have to lock him down in the Boy's room at night so he won't attack Ed.  I thought he was already down there but I couldn't find him.  I called him.  I walked around shaking a bag of kitty snacks attempting to lure him out of hiding.   I looked EVERYWHERE.  All over the house.  High and low, but no Phantom.

Finally, I remembered that I had seen Cadence come out from under the couch in the Boy's area.  The one that the ho ho ho Christmas throw is on top of.  But Cadence is tiny and can fit just about anywhere.  Phantom is huge!

Cadence chewed the bottom of the couch cover and made a little bed

I didn't think Phantom could squeeze his big butt under that couch, but since I was out of places to look, I tentatively reached my hand under the back of the couch and brushed up against something warm and furry.  The furry thing didn't budge.  I jerked my hand out, but put it back under and felt around.  I was pretty sure it was Phantom when I grabbed a tail.

Yes, it was Phantom's tail, but I panicked when he didn't move even though I had his tail in my hand. Was he dead?

A couple of tugs on the tail and he jumped up.  One very pissed off cat.  I guess he had been asleep and didn't hear me shaking the bag of snacks.

I was very relieved that I had found him, he was okay and he was in the Boy's area where he was suppose to be.

So I could go bed.  Phantom, however, was completely awake now and wanting a snack.  Sorry Phantom!

Ed prefers the pink snuggy.  I know this is totally unrelated to the above story, but I'm tired and I think my kitties are cute.  Even the ones that cause trouble.  Which would be most of them.

Hopefully tomorrow I will have time to do a real blog post.  Until then I'll just post some cat pictures.

Meow and Good Night!