Thursday, February 14, 2013

Red Soles

Pumps - Christian Louboutin similar ones here in black patent

Since it's Valentine's Day, I'm posting about another one of my favorite red things.  My red soled shoes from Christian Louboutin.  I had lusted after a pair of these for a really long time, but couldn't afford or justify the expense of them.  Finally, one Christmas season, I worked at Saks Fifth Avenue and got "the discount."  Boy, I was in heaven!  I can't tell you how much designer stuff I bought because I had "the discount."

I did all my Christmas shopping there that year with that discount.   I wish I could get that discount now without working there.  Saks would get the most benefit out of it because I rarely shop there now since I don't have the discount.  I think they should declare every Friday as "Non-employee discount day"  and just give us the discount!  

These shoes were purchased on an Atlanta trip at a discounted price.  They are still available online at a discount in several different color studs, including turquoise studs.  Cute!

Best of all, they have Cadence's seal (sniff) of approval.

I found some little copy cat "Louboutin's" here at Target.  Funny!  I'm pretty sure the entire soles aren't red because Christian Louboutin has that trademarked now.  I read an article about some women who are buying red paint to paint the soles of their shoes.  I wonder if Christian Louboutin will go after them for copying his trademark.

Probably not.  Personally, that's just too much trouble for red soles.  They get scuffed up anyway.  These shoes are also not made for walking very far.

The Murph has to pull up as close to the door as possible when I wear these.  I hobble from the car to the door very, very slowly.  It would be even better if someone would just carry me wherever I need to go when I wear these shoes.  

Seriously, I googled it once to see why these shoes, that are so expensive, are so hard to walk in.  I discovered that according to Christian Louboutin himself, they are indeed not made for the streets but for the bedroom.

I sure wish I had know that before I took them with me to NYC that one time.

The Murph bought me some clothes and swimsuits from Victoria's Secret, candy -white chocolate of course, and a couple of cards for Valentines Day.  I got him candy, a couple of cards and some Jazz CD's that he picked out for himself.  This is our first husband and wife Valentines Day since we were married in October.  I loved picking out Valentines Day cards that said "To my Husband" on them.

Loved it!

And we got some of our wedding pictures and hung them today.  We have two more to add to this collection and a couple of bigger pictures in color that are being framed right now.

Hope everyone had a Happy Valentines Day!


  1. We too, wish you guys a happy valentines day. And I love shoes too. I have mostly running shoes in my collection. I have one pair that I keep in the box, in the bag, with salt pack. And I keep them out of the sun and away from dust. Did I mention I love shoes?

    1. I have my share of running shoes too since I usually keep my old ones when I replace them with newer ones. Not sure what salt pack is. My guess is it has something to do with the snow up there ?