Monday, February 11, 2013

It Was The Tequila That Screwed Up My Training Plan

This week starts my taper for the Mercedes marathon which is coming up this Sunday.  I'm doing the half marathon, not the whole, but I'm still going to cut back on my volume of training this week.  Last week was a big training week for me.  I've started putting more time either on the spin bike or my bike trainer and still doing the same amount of running and weights.

My long run is usually on Sunday, but this past weekend I decided to run with the group on Saturday morning instead since the Murph and I were going out with friends Saturday night and that would involve adult beverages.

 I still tentatively planned to do a short run with L and M on Sunday morning too, but the longer run was Saturday so I didn't have to worry about what I ate or drank (or so I thought!).  The only problem was that I got up in the freezing cold Saturday morning, ran 8 miles with the group, then went to the gym with the Murph and put some time in on the exercise bike, then got on the bike trainer at home for another hour and a half and THEN back to the gym for weights.

I guess I didn't eat enough during the day Saturday or before I got the drinks because after about three frozen margarita's later, I suddenly wasn't feeling very good.  And the drinks were only about this size.

photo from
The Murph said I didn't eat enough, but I was shoving chips and salsa down the entire night.  This reminded me of that time last March when we were in New Orleans doing the Rock and Roll New Orleans marathon and I got a little ill. ( New Orleans Blog Post)

All I remember is I was feeling really good and having a great time and we were about to get burgers at midnight in Harrah's casino and then BAM!  It hit me out of the blue.  And I can usually hold my liquor, especially tequila.  No problemo!

This was me right before the fun stopped.  Never before published picture.  As you can see I am already looking a little pale.

And then things started spinning and I got really, really sick.   It's all fun and games until you get on that merry-go-round from hell that just won't stop.  That wasn't a fun night.  I vowed to never, ever drink tequila again.  EVER!  Okay, well at least not on the day I run a marathon.

It was almost the same feeling Saturday night.  I was feeling great and not even that hungry, but I did eat anyway and only had those three very, very small margaritas.  Needless to say, by the time I got home I was hugging the toilet and the room was spinning.  Cadence, my cat was looking at me like, "geez, mom's got a hair ball too!  I can so relate!"

 The Murph missed all of it because he was downstairs eating a roast beef sandwich, but knew something was wrong when I didn't want anything else to eat and he had gone through Arby's drive thru to get some more food.  (at least I think it was Arby's)

The cat followed me to bed and The Murph tucked us in.  I didn't make it to run with L and M like I had planned, but at least I had already done my long run for the week and now it's taper time.  I'm going to have to take tequila off the list of safe foods/drinks during my intense training weeks/days.  Maybe forever.  I know, I've said that before!

Sunday morning I woke up to find the Murph standing over me and Cadence, my cat, saying, "Oh, what do we have here?  The VomiTER (that would be me) and the VomiTEEE!  (that would be Cadence because he's usually the one doing all the vomiting).

My training plan wasn't too screwed up Sunday though.  I still made it to the gym later to do 30 minutes on the exercise bike.  The Murph thought I was too sick to do doubles at the gym yesterday so he was a little surprised when I did 40 more minutes on my bike trainer and then 1/2 mile on the treadmill while I watched Honey Boo Boo's Christmas special last night.  I think he got a little upset that he missed his workout because of me and then I ended up doing doubles anyway, just not at the gym.

I've tried to explain that a little vomit doesn't stop workouts.  It can just delay them or make them less intense.  I mean how many times have I felt like throwing up after a race.  I can't count the number of times.  A 5k race has more throw up potential than a full marathon does for me.

I can't blame that on the tequila though.


  1. That's funny because Shannie and I had a few drinks and shots on Saturday night. We don't really drink either so the next morning, we weren't too bad. I couldn't imagine you face down in a toilet to be honest. But it's good to let loose now and then.

    1. The bad thing is that we didn't really let loose. Just a casual dinner and home early and only 3 small frozen drinks. Nothing too strong. I've drank alot more than that and not gotten sick at all. There's some kind of cardio/alcohol combo that causes this. Guess it's true what they say about eating within 30 minutes of hard exercise to get the most glycogen storage. Just be careful what you eat!

  2. Cadence has that WTF look.
    Tequila is bizarre stuff. I have stories (don't we all). One tale involves falling into black holes. Suffice it to say, I no longer drink Tequila Sunrise. haha

    1. I vaguely remember that Tequila Sunrise was your choice of drink back in the day. I'm not saying which decade that was! Mine was Long Island tea! :)