Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Too Old For An Easter Basket?

Every year since The Boy's been born,  I have given him an Easter basket full of various things depending on his changing interests through the years.  Now he's 19 years old and in college, but I still wanted to send him one this year.  It's a mom thing I guess.

Yesterday I went to the store and bought a little Easter basket, a bag of easter grass, jelly beans, assorted chocolate candies wrapped in shiny pastel Easter colors, gum, a chocolate bunny and a stuffed animal - a mommy chicken hugging her little baby chick.  I put this all together along with an Easter card that had a bunny picture and some of The Boy's other favorite snacks to send him as sort of an Easter/Care package. Murph humored me on this, but thinks that Easter baskets usually stop by the time children reach their teens.  I teased him that maybe his parents just didn't love him enough.  I think you're never too old for Christmas stockings or Easter baskets.

I tried to explain that I enjoy doing it every year and it's as much for me as it is for The Boy.  I don't expect him to jump up and down and get all excited when he opens up the box in his dorm room and pulls out a stuffed chicken and a little basket, but I do think he will enjoy the candy and the snacks.  Even though he'll probably roll his eyes at the other things, I just hope he knows I love him and am always thinking of him.

The UPS store is familiar with me and my little care packages by now.  They didn't think it was all that strange when I brought in the stuffed animal, basket and candy to send to The Boy, not even when The Murph pointed out that he's "only 19".

It's a sad day when your too old for an Easter basket.


  1. I agree! You're never too old. :)

    To answer about lipstick:
    My advice is to try on some colors from both lines. MAC has more over-the-top and edgy lipsticks but plenty of pretty ones in the mix.
    To compare - Chanel doesn't do, for example, a true nude lipstick like MAC does (if you're into that sort of thing).
    I suggest you also try on some of the lovely Chanel pinks. I think you'll like their Rouge Coco Shine formula (sheer lip colors, very pretty).

    1. Thanks for the suggestions. I might try some of the Chanel pinks.