Friday, May 3, 2013

I'm Officially Hiding Out And It's Necessary For My Sanity

I have to confess that I've been avoiding the Boy as much as possible these days. It's so much easier than it use to be now the he's away a college! He use to always find me when he was home, even when I didn't answer his screams for "MOM!!" I would be as silent as possible as I listened to him running through the house screaming my name until he eventually found me. These days though it's not so easy for the poor guy to find his mom when she doesn't want to be found.

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What has made me avoid him lately? Well what doesn't, but the latest thing that has made me avoid him like the plague is his new "business venture" idea.

I guess it's is an Asperger thing, obsessive interests and such, but whenever he gets his mind on something he can be brutal. Just brutal!

The latest is his idea to create this product (that is highly secret so I can't say what it is on here) and then sell it on ebay. The only problem is he doesn't really know how to sell on ebay and felt he needed someone more established and experienced on ebay to sell his new item.

That's where I come in. Not that I've ever sold anything on ebay or anything like that and he knows this so that's not where I come in.

Here's where I come in.

He called me a few weeks ago to ask me if I knew anybody who could sell it for him on ebay. My mistake was ( before getting more information) saying, "Why yes, I know a couple of people. I'll ask them." After that he called my every single day, morning and night to find out if I had asked them and gotten their email address so he could contact them.

He need to "discuss" things with them he said.

It was my understanding that all he needed was someone to put these items on ebay for him and when the items sold, these people would get 20% commission and the Boy would get the rest. What I didn't know was the Boy needed about $3000 to get the components to build these items in the first place and was going to try to get these ebay friends of mine to front him the money!


Good thing I found out about this scheme BEFORE I called them or gave the Boy their contact information. After getting this last bit of information (that I should have found out in the first place),  I told the Boy to just forget about it.

 Focus on school work. Get an hourly job on campus. This wasn't the time to invest in a business. Wait until you graduate!

I reminded him of that last business when he and a friend had "incorporated" and we're still dealing with the tax ramifications on a corporation that existed, but not really even though legally it did according to the government and a bunch of legal papers.

Try explaining it to the government. "Well uhhhhh, they were just 17 years old and still in high school and the business never made a profit and really isn't a business at all because they never had time to build it because they had school work to do so do they really have to pay that $2000 in penalties and back tax?"

No, I don't want to go there again!

I hope the Boy can't find me!


  1. Send him a puppy. That will keep him busy. Either that or a girlfriend!

    1. Well he is about to have to take care of his cat for awhile. Maybe that will help!

  2. Wow. That corporation stuff sounds scary! Your son sounds a lot like my little brother. He's never been diagnosed but he has the exact same tendencies. I always felt guilty for avoiding him when he got these types of things in his head, so thanks for making me feel more normal! :-)


    1. It was actually an LLC, but I guess that is the same as corporation. I think it's only human to want to avoid them at all costs when they get these obsessive ideas in their head. I think he finally gave up on the idea. For now at least. But there will be other ideas...