Thursday, May 30, 2013

It's Good To Be Back!

I'm back! I'm back on Obagi C Rx skin system that is. I've been on it for about 5 years with breaks of a few months or so and always seem to go back on it. This past break from Obagi C, I started using the Cindy Crawford Meaningful Beauty day and night creams as well as a couple of other things I use before applying makeup. My friend L loves CCMB and is on the automatic mailing system of the product so she receives it every month whether she's out or not. She's accumulated tons of it so she gave me a couple of the products to try.

Since I was out of the Obagi C tretinoin cream (Obagi's retin A), I found an almost entire tube of a Retin A cream that the Boy had tried a few years ago for acne and never finished. I finished the tube off and then it was time to get another. I try to never go without a Retin A product. Bad things happen to my pores and skin when I do.

While we were in Birmingham this week, I headed over to Spa 119 to finally restock my Obagi products. I had planned on getting the C serum without the added skin lightener, hydroquinone, since I am a little suspicious of long term use of it even though it really works to get rid of age spots and freckles. I had freckles all over my chest that are now gone from using the night cream on my chest for a while a few years ago to give my face a break from it. Totally works!

I like the Cindy Crawford Meaningful beauty cream as a moisturizer with added sunscreen, but I still needed something stronger. My skin started breaking out (only minor, but still!) probably more from the drug store sunscreen I was using and my skin was flaking. Dry, yet breaking out! It was a mess!

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I ended up purchasing the entire Obagi C starter kit since it is less expensive to buy it that way and I was out of everything anyway. The C serum in the kit had the hydroquinone so I went with it this time, but when I need a refill I'm going with the non-hydroquinone despite the fact that I was reassured that the 4% in the product was very mild and didn't cause any problems. It's still a chemical that I don't really need year round.

And I got the .05% Tretinoin Cream.

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Now Obagi C Rx has SPF 50 sunscreen instead of 35. That is much needed these days since I'm in the sun a lot. I'm going to avoid the drug store brand so hopefully the breakouts will stop.

I can already tell a difference in my skin after only two days of use. It is not peeling, seems more moisturized and the break outs are clearing up.

It's good to be back! Back on Obagi and back at the beach!

White dress: Free People; Black Jog Bra: Lululemon; Flip Flops: Juicy Couture; 
Necklace: Free People Here


  1. I still love Obagi C but as you know, I'm also wary of long-term use of hydroquinone. Today I bought my first La Mer product. I'm all for keeping it simple (less products) anyway. We'll see how it goes. Plus since I'm traveling soon, I can't be encumbered with a slew of toiletries. (Right, easier said than done.)
    I like seeing you in white, very pretty!


    1. Let me know how you like La Mer. I thought about trying it but it's so expensive! I hear it's good though.