Monday, May 13, 2013

Last Week In Pictures

Since I didn't have the computer cord for my camera with me last week, I couldn't download all the  pictures I took so I'll just post them now.

Starting with the ones from Cinco de Mayo and meeting the Babysitter for swirl margaritas.

The Babysitter came with a bag full of gifts of perfume samples, ear rings, and Lady Gaga sunglasses (sorry no picture of the sunglasses).

 I showed all the loot to the Murph when I got back home.

And the photo bombing little cat.

I really love the red neck wine glasses that Little L gave me as a going away gift. She doesn't want me to forget sweet home Alabama when I'm living in Florida.

Red neck wine glasses
I told her that the part of Florida we are moving to is pretty much the same as Alabama, just not called Alabama. I also told her we could still end up back in Alabama, just the lower part of it.

I was really afraid that the Murph wouldn't like the red Dixie cup wine glasses since it took many months to break the Boy and I from using them. They were a staple in our house when I was a single mom. No dishes to wash! The Boy still misses them.

I haven't tried drinking out of the wine glasses yet. Little L said I should pour the Murph a beer in one. That would be funny! Do I dare?

Then we had the big move Part 1 last Monday. My car was full of clothes, boxes, 2 broken remote control airplanes that the Boy needs for some unknown reason and a cat in a large carrier. (or should I say a large cat in a carrier?)

Ready for take off!

You can kind of, sort of see Phantom in the back seat inside the carrier. He's not real happy! He calmed down as soon as I turned the satellite radio to the jazz channel. It had to stay there the entire drive or he would start meowing and drive me nuts.

We had a couple of really beautiful beach days and got lots of sun.

And ate lots of seafood. I love shrimp and grits!

 And had some adult beverages.

Then before we knew it, we had to take Phantom to stay with the Boy while we headed north again for more stuff and more cats. It was a very long and tiring process that required trips to Walmart, lots of out of the way driving, sorting and cutting pills in half, disinfecting the Boy's filthy bathroom, loading up bags of trash and once we finally got home, more adult beverages.

Cadence was happy when we got back to Birmingham. He meowed loudly at us for about an hour. I tried to take pictures of him but they all came out like this because he kept moving around.

 And meowing!

Ed hid under some furniture at first but he was glad we were home too,

 Next trip they are going with us. It will be an interesting drive since Ed hasn't been in a car in about 10 years.

I don't really know why this picture was on the camera. It was the last one I took Saturday morning after my run. Maybe it's to show how healthy I'm eating these days. But really I had to eat that healthy stuff because we were out of just about everything else, including Lucky Charms.

Also, the coffee mug next to the bowl of cereal is kind of cute and pink.

I just hope we don't have to go to Walmart again this week! Moving the cats will be bad enough!

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  1. Reading this gives me awful flashbacks of our latest (exhausting) Big Move...Or should I say the Big Move from Tortola, Part 4 of (hopefully!) 4.
    I need to rest now. But I wouldn't mind having shrimp and grits, and many adult beverages.