Friday, May 10, 2013

Not A Real Post, Just A Lame Excuse!

I know I've sadly neglected this blog more than usual this past week, but I just wanted to say that I'm still here. I will be back!

 It's hard keeping up with it since we are in the process of moving. It will be a rather slow process of going back and forth until we either sell our house or list it with a Realtor.

And then we've got three cats to juggle and house/kitty sitters to deal with and the Boy who's in another city and will be kitty sitter to one of the cats for a while. I can only hope he remembers to give Phantom his heart medicine. The Boy also reminded me that his meal plan has ended and since he won't have one this summer, we will need to grocery shop.

Oh the fun!

I honestly can't find half my clothing now. Hopefully everything will turn up and I will somehow miraculously get organized again. Or maybe just throw my hands up and live in a state of disorganized chaos for the entire summer.

Hey, I am called the "wrecking ball" you know!


  1. Moving woes... You know I empathize.
    My blogging is on hold until I have a bit of time to deal with it. This weekend, perhaps. Fortunately I have found the camera. That's a start.

    1. Good thing you found the camera! I don't think I will ever get organized! I am, however, finding things that have been lost for months when I'm cleaning and packing.