Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mom's Day!

It's so good being back in Birmingham (briefly) showing the house today and taking my mom to breakfast this morning. My nephew came along as well. I guess it isn't hard to tell who the eaters are in my family! It's the ones who show up for breakfast.

Here I am with my mom and I'm shoving ice or something in my mouth, dumping water down my shirt and being a wrecking ball even back then.

At races I'm still dumping water and ice down my shirt. Some things never change!

I made sure I ran with Little L this morning before the breakfast pig-out fest. We ran our usual 10 mile loop and I have to say, I am going to miss running with her on our familiar loop. I ran yesterday with our little group too. We ran almost 9 miles of every hill we could find in Mountain Brook, except the big one on the Statue to Statue 15k. That one is on the other side of Mountain Brook and we didn't run that long.

One thing I never do on Mother's day anymore is ride my bike. My worst bike crash ever happened on Mother's Day about 15 years ago. I landed right on my head and ended up in the hospital with a concussion and plenty of road rash, not knowing what happened or how old I was or where I was even though I was told a billion times. No short term memory. I fully recovered (my husband would argue that point) except for a scar on one of my shoulders.

I was out of the hospital the next day, but to this day I never bike on Mother's Day. In the past, I would do Gulf Coast triathlon on the Saturday before Mother's day so I was "recovering" on Mother's day, no chance of getting on my bike. I wouldn't have anyway!

The Boy is still at school and plans to stay there and work this summer. He was accepted into a research project with some of his professors and a few other computer students. I knew the Boy wouldn't remember that it's Mother's Day so I of course I called to remind him that he needed to wish me a happy Mother's Day! Lord knows I earned it with that kiddo!

The Boy is taking care of his cat, Phantom, who has heart disease and has to take medication every day. I've called him the last couple of mornings to remind him to give the cat the meds and by the time I call, he's already given them to Phantom. I was worried that he would forget, but it looks like the Boy is taking good care of the cat. He was really glad to see Phantom and Phantom seemed happy too.

Phantom is such a boy's cat. He loves hanging out with the Boy and his friends. He just tolerates me. They both do! That's okay because I'm tolerable.

Happy Mother's Day to all the mom's out there!


  1. Happy Mother's Day. We had a nice time here too. We all went downtown for lunch and then we had Chinese food for dinner. I don't know what the weather is like down there, but up here, there was ice pellets and it was below zero. I even had to turn the furnace back on. So it looks like we're staying inside.

    1. Ice pellet! Yikes! It was a little cool for May down here but now it's warming back up. Glad you guys had a good Mother's day!

  2. I didn't know about the bike crash. Kind of glad you didn't tell me, to be honest!
    Happy Mother's Day, bit belated but that's how it goes with me these days. I blame the stress of moving on my recent forgetfulness.
    Love this photo, so sweet.

    1. I think you were living in New Orleans when it happend. I didn't really remember the crash much so maybe that's why I didn't tell you. It was a good Mother's day yesterday. Thanks!