Tuesday, May 7, 2013

I'm A Little Late Doing This Post But... Surviving Cinco de Mayo

Image from margaritagrill.com
I know I'm a little late writing this post seeing that Cinco de Mayo was two days ago and now I can't even add my own pictures in the post because once again I don't have the camera cord that hooks to my computer. We were on the road yesterday with the big move part 1. Needless to say, the last couple of days have been busy!

I am fully recovered from all the Cinco de Mayo festivities and even made an exception and had a few margaritas despite the fact I don't do well on tequila anymore. (you can read more about that Here ). The Murph doesn't care for margaritas or Mexican food, so he opted out of the festivities.

My friend, the Babysitter and I decided to meet at a local Mexican restaurant and have a couple of drinks and some chips, salsa, cheese dip, guacamole, the works! I've missed my Mexican food fix since the Boy went away to college.

The Babysitter use to keep an eye on the Boy when I was out of town. That's why she's called "the Babysitter." Mostly she"baby sat" for him that time in 2010 when he was 18 and I was racing in Ironman Canada and he was still in high school. He calls her "the crazy lady", but he still preferred her to his anal retentive dad that weekend. He actually thinks she's pretty cool, but would never admit to it.

After we had a couple of drinks and chips at the first busy, but calm restaurant, we decided to head over to another restaurant down the street called The Margarita Grill.  It is the Boy and my all time favorite Mexican restaurant. We use to be regulars there and I love the taco salad with chicken and the chicken enchiladas. I was excited that I would have a drink there and then get a taco salad to go.

The place was packed and we had to park way down the street. The tables were full and it was standing room only by the bar and into the outside patio area. A band was playing. When we walked in I saw more friends S, the baby chick pinger and C, the cat killer.(you can read more about how they got those names Here) I started talking to S and the next thing I know a ruckus starts right next to us between two sisters. The Babysitter looks over at me and says, "Girl fight!" S runs over to her friend who was the calm sister in the girl fight. I think to myself, "oh know!" and back away and began texting the Murph. "Help, come get me!"

Next thing I know I hear, "Get your hands off of me NOW!!" I look over to see the Babysitter restraining a very irate blond girl. The Babysitter refuses to unhand her and begins screaming for the bouncer to come throw her out. Here's kind of how the Babysitter looked during this scuffle...

They promptly threw the blonde out and calmness resumed.

Close call!

S and C came over and asked where the Murph was. I told them he's at home won't come over, so C grabs me and tells S to take a pic with her phone and send it to the Murph.

"I bet this will get the Murph over here, " he said as he attempted to grab me in a bear hug as I struggled to get away. S laughed and snapped the pic to send to my husband. I'm thinking, oh great I'm in trouble now!

The Murph got a good laugh out of it, but still had no desire to come over. I can't say I blamed him at that point! With all the commotion going on, I failed to keep an eye on the Babysitter. Left to her own devices, this could mean trouble.

Why does it seem like most of my friends are like that?

I saw that the Babysitter was sitting at a table with what looked to be a bunch of 20 year olds and she was laughing and having a great time. Maybe a little too great! I decided I better head on over.

When I got to her table, one of the young guys looked at me, pointed at the Babysitter and said, "SHE"S LOOKING AT MY BUTT!!"

The Babysitter started laughing and shaking her head. While I didn't believe for a minute that she was looking at his butt (wishful thinking on his part), I played along and apologized for her and told him I just couldn't take her anywhere!

At that point a young girl came out of nowhere and began to chew the guy out. The Babysitter hurriedly gets up from the table and once again I'm clueless as to what's going on. The Babysitter told me the girl is mad because he's flirting with her. Maybe that's his girlfriend. Who the heck knows!

I realize at this point that I need to get the Babysitter out of there and fast! Forget the taco salad!

I told her to follow me and we made our way out through the wall of people. When I got home and told the Murph he shook his head, laughed and said the Babysitter is just a troublemaker. I reminded him that he thought I was a troublemaker too. He agreed, but said I'm a different kind of troublemaker.  He said she gets a little too involved in other peoples business and she should stay out of it.

I told the Murph that that is impossible. It's against her religion. We were in the restaurant barely 5 minutes and she's trying to single handedly break up a girl fight.

 I told the Murph that the Babysitter was coming to visit us at the beach on her birthday, which is the same weekend that there is a big festival on the beach. It should be FUN!

He said that would be okay, but first she's going to have to sign a waiver. She MUST sign a waiver! No trouble making and stay out of other people's business, fights and such. A non trouble making waiver.

Knowing the Babysitter, that's not gonna happen! She might sign the waiver, but it would be next to impossible for her not to get involved in things. Next to IMPOSSIBLE!!


  1. Sounds like an exciting time that was all too common in the dockside neighbourhood I grew up in. After reading the first few paragraphs of your post, I developed an early morning craving for tacos. So I feel your pain in having to leave quickly. I'm glad you and your friends were okay though. It's a good thing hat May 5th comes only once a year.

    1. I had some Nachos tonight so I'm not missing the taco salad as bad. One can only handle May 5th once a year!

  2. Sign a wavier, I love it!!!

    1. He's kind of joking but kind of serious too!