Monday, April 23, 2012

Baby Shower and Long Run With The Running Nazi

Saturday morning I got up extremely early to run 10 miles with the Running Nazi.  I haven't seen her in over two weeks, which means I haven't done a long run in over two weeks.  Easter weekend and the trip to the beach temporarily screwed up my running schedule.  I'm not even going to discuss my biking and swim training.  Right now it's more like "what swim training?"  I bike on the exercise bike at the gym about 4 times a week.  Does that count as bike training?  The Running Nazi even missed her long run on Easter which is very unusual for her.  I hope I'm not a bad influence for her.

The plan was to run 10 miles on Saturday and then 12 to 13 on Sunday.  In between, we went to a baby shower for M one of our fellow running friends.  Her son and daughter in law are expecting a baby boy.  It's M's first grandchild.  I loved the colors they are using, blue and brown.  It was a total coincidence that I got a gift bag in that color combination.  I am really in tuned to color combos these days with all the wedding planning I have been doing.

About to leave for the shower.  The Murph likes the angled shots.
See Cadence behind me - My furry four-legged shadow.
I made the 10 miler on Saturday, but my knee was hurting and felt bruised so I had to pass on the Sunday run.  I'm going to have to build back up slowly now.  I am so scared of getting injured and having to cut back or stop running.  I have never stopped running entirely so it takes a very long time for me to recover if I get injured.  I had achilles tendonitis on both feet for a year one time after I started training for my first marathon.  It was very painful, but I kept on running.  I never want to get that again.  I finally got slower, cut back on running mileage, started stretching more (downward dog yoga pose) and it eventually healed.

For the baby shower I bought a couple of baby board books, a stuffed animal and a swaddle blanket.  My favorite book to read to The Boy when he was little was "Goodnight Moon".  We read it every night.  He also liked "The Very Hungry Caterpillar".  I still have all his old books.

My favorite book to read to the Boy at night

The food was delicious at the shower.   My favorite was the chicken salad croissants, a really awesome assorted cheese tray with crackers and white chocolate covered strawberries.  I love really good cheeses and white chocolate not dark (dark chocolate is a migraine trigger for me).  I don't care how many calories cheese has it's a good source of calcium so I can eat it.  I just keep telling myself it's good for me.

I had my camera in my purse and would have taken pictures of food but I didn't know the hostesses of the party and I thought it might be a little rude if I whipped out the camera and started taking pictures. Besides they might not want to be blogged about.  The only people I knew at the shower was M and the Nazi and three other runners who are friends of M as well.  It's funny how the camera always comes with now just in case there's a good photo op.


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  2. Your dress is gorg! BTW I admire your dedication to health and running. You're going to live a long life . . .

    oxoxox from San Francisco

    1. Thanks Amy! I do try to stay fit and healthy but it's funny that during our runs the RN and I are constantly complaining about the different "ailments" we have now. It seems after turning 40 it's an uphill battle to stay fit and healthy.