Saturday, April 28, 2012

Running Nazi Strikes Again

Well, once again I fell for one of the Running Nazi's little tricks.  This time I was rested and well hydrated so I didn't suffer as much as I have in the past.

And we didn't get lost this time.

It all started when I met her for lunch Friday and she said she was going to run 12 miles this morning so I said I would meet her and run with her since she was running under 13 miles.

This morning when I got to the run start,  she suggested we run a little different course than we usually run.

 I very naively said "Sure!"

Big mistake.

We took off running and about 7 miles into it she says she hopes she remembers the correct turns. (where have I heard that before!)   She kept calculating how much this loop was going to be and then add this street and that and we would be at 12 miles by the time we got back to our cars.

I wasn't paying much attention as we were running along and chatting until I started to get hungry so I looked at my watch and realized we had been running almost 3 hours!

Now we run kind of slow and we stop to drink a couple of times along the course, but it NEVER takes us 3 hours to run 12 miles.

I mentioned how long we had been running to the Running Nazi and she says "Oh, yeah, we did that loop and then we added this and.... but we stopped a lot too...."

Not over 45 minutes worth of stopping!

Finally she admitted that we would probably be at around 15 miles by the time we got back to the car.

I'm not sure, but I think she had planned this the entire time.   She knew if it was a course unfamiliar to me that I would have no idea what mile we were at in the run.  I never would figure it out if I didn't know how long we had run. I'm just not that smart.

She knows this.

I am still trying to calculate how many miles we really ran today.  Was it only 15??

 I've run long enough to know approximately how long it takes me to run 12 miles.  And it's not 3 hours.

So much for keeping my long runs at 13 miles and under when I'm not training for a marathon or Ironman.

Dammit, she's done it again!


  1. and yet you keep on running with her... ;)

    1. She kept me going when I got burned out after doing Ironman Canada. That's when I started calling her the Running Nazi. Actually I am almost as bad as she is, probably worse because I add biking, swimming and weight training along with running. She's just nuts about long distance running. Sometimes I need that push.