Friday, April 6, 2012

Easter Eggs, Herbs And OMG I Failed!

What a day!  Internet was out for most of it and we had to get the cable guy out here.  He ended up running totally new cable because the old cable was all beat up (he said).  I felt sorry for him having to crawl through the scary place under the house to run the cable.  Lots of creepy crawlies down there.  Now the internet is much faster and WORKING!

While I was having withdrawals from not being able to get online,  I dyed Easter eggs and The Murph and I went to the store and bought some vegetables and herbs to plant in the garden.  I couldn't get The Murph to dye any eggs though.  He's too manly for that kind of girly stuff.

Here's some of the herbs we bought... (they are all legal)

I snuck some catnip in for the cats along with the other herbs.  The Murph doesn't spoil his cats like I spoil mine so he wouldn't have approved of the catnip if he had noticed.  I can spoil his cats along with mine though.  Catnip should not be legal from the way my cats act around it.

I was skyping with The Boy last night and he asked me if I would help him find some sources for a paper he had to write.  I try to discourage this and make him find his own sources, but if he can convince me how terribly busy he is and he's working on another paper, studying for a test, etc, then I will help him a little.  I told him that I might if I had time, but I was in the middle of something so don't depend on it.

Well, I was busy and totally forgot to find any sources for him so just now as I am sending him a message that our internet is back up and running he skypes me with this very dramatic, over the top message that goes something like this...


                 YOU FAILED



                 WHY DIDNT YOU DO IT

                 DID YOU EVEN LOOK




I know this is a bad thing for him to say to me (extremely disrespectful), but I cracked up.  I don't know why I thought it was so funny.  The Murph did NOT think it was funny at all.  

I skyped back to him...

Me:   "No,  I'm not a failure.  I graduated from college 25 years ago." 

I didn't even get a chance to say anything else about it or give him another lecture on being a responsible adult now that he's 19 years old because the drama king had already gotten over it.  Before I could say anything, he was trying to test his server (which is with us 250 miles away from him in his bedroom)  to see if our new internet connection was any stronger than the old one.  

He says it's not.

I should send him some eggs.


  1. he doesn't need any eggs for saying those things to you! ;)
    but your response is priceless. haha

    1. He needs rotten eggs for saying those things. And that's probably what the egg would be by the time it gets to him. lol That's why one of his new nicknames is "sunshine".