Monday, April 16, 2012

Finishing What You Start

I came across this you tube video as I was surfing around the internet today.  Being an Ironman and experiencing the overwhelming emotion after crossing the finish line, I know what these women are going through.  It reminded me of why I do these races, both long and short, but especially the Ironman races.

Triathlons, biking and running have been my outlet for stress, depression, you name it, over the past 15 years.  The Boy once made the comment that whenever things went wrong his dad would yell and his mom would run.  I ran ALOT over the years.

Today was a very rough, emotional day for me after the weekend with The Boy.  Some of the things that he said to me really hurt.

 I've seen this famous finish line crawl between Sian Welch and Wendy Ingraham before, but today it touched me more than ever.  Not just because qualifying for the Ironman World Championship is always at the top of my mind, but because it made me once again realize that no matter how hard or tough it is, you have to keep going to the finish.  It's all about sticking with it and finishing.  Never quit.

I got The Boy through high school and now into college and I will be there for him to the end.  If he says he hates me.  Fine.  If he says I annoy him.  Fine.  If he says his life would be better off without me in it.  Fine.  He can say what he wants, I know he needs me.  He wouldn't have made it this far without the sacrifices I have made gladly through the years.  And I'm in it until he truly doesn't need me anymore and goes off to make his mark in the world.

The most rewarding thing in world to me is being a mom.  It is also the most painful.  But I'm no quitter.  He may be 20 years old next month, but he needs me now more than ever.  I might be limping, but I'm hanging in there.

And one day I will cross that finish line in Kona, Hawaii even if I have to crawl on my hands and knees.

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  1. i really admire your attitude.
    everyone needs an outlet for stress - no wonder you pursued running.
    if the boy saw some of your posts (whether or not you want him to), maybe he would understand your perspective a bit - or at least have some sympathy for what you've gone through.