Monday, April 9, 2012

Hauling Out The White Clothes and Shoes

 You can't open a door around here without this cat running out.  And I thought I could condition him to think that every time he gets out he would get a bath when he comes back inside.  He hates baths, but I still have some work to do to get him to make the connection.  Outside = Bath.

I think I can officially start wearing all my white dresses and shoes now that it's after Easter.  I never wait until Memorial Day.  It's already hot here in the south.   I wear white year round except shoes and summery dresses like the one I'm wearing here.  I chose to wear pink Tory Burch sandals today though instead of white ones.  I thought a contrast would be better.

This is one of my favorite white Free People Dresses.  See Phantom trying to get past me to run down the steps and off the porch.  Don't worry, he didn't make it past my leg.  I'm faster.  I love his tuxedo!

While I was running errands today I stopped in Lululemon's and spent way to much on athletic wear.  I don't feel too bad about it since I wear work out clothing everyday for almost the entire day, except going out or sleeping.  My friend at turned me on to them when she was visiting over Christmas holidays.  She warned me that I would get addicted and there would be no turning back.  She was right!  I love it and I'm not getting paid to say that.

Even the Lululemon bags are way cool.  Or should I say "Hip".


  1. aww, thanks for the mention!
    lululemon's bags are definite keepers. i reuse them over and over; they are indispensable.
    you should do a post showing the new items you bought. i'm jealous you have a lululemon nearby. CC is way too un-hip for that kind of store.


  2. and you look amazing in white! cute dress and sandals.

  3. The thing about never wearing white shoes before Memorial Day has boggled me for years. Here in San Francisco there was (read: was) once a tradition of never wearing white shoes in the city. So strange where and how these fashion rules come to us . . .

    1. Not wearing white shoes in the city is a little strange. Maybe because they show dirt??? It's hard to find white shoes I like and when I do they are almost always sandals. I'd rather have silver or nude.

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