Sunday, July 15, 2012

Crazy Fools Who Don't Know How To Budget

I am pretty sure that the Running Nazi is coming a little unglued.  I'm concerned.  It just isn't physically possible to work five days a week from 6 am until sometimes 3 am.  This only leaves 3 hours of sleep.  She is doing 17 to 18 mile runs on the weekend, as well.  Today we only ran 10 miles because I haven't run long in 3 weeks and didn't want to get injured.   I ran with the Running Nazi and our friend K, who I will call Morgan Freeman (MF for short, hehe) because that's exactly who he looks like.  I mean identical!

At first glance, the Nazi seemed fine.  Five miles into the run and she got a wee bit cranky.

But cranky, in a friendly way.  She's very friendly.

The state of our swimming pool was not the subject of choice today.

Subject of choice started with the Murph and my honeymoon location.  (which we haven't decided on yet).

This discussion led to our wedding budget, which we have a total amount we plan to spend, but that amount is not broken down into individual categories yet because we haven't interviewed any florist, photographers, etc and have only a general idea of how much each of those things will be.  The only thing that we have lined up and have an estimate for is the ceremony and reception site with food and alcohol expenditures.  Alcohol being the most important thing, of course.

The Running Nazi had some really good ideas for honeymoon spots such as Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Canary Islands, etc.  St. Lucia, she approved, but not Sandals Resort in St. Lucia.  Too mainstream she said.  Who wants to go where everybody goes?

MF stayed out of the conversation for the most part, but did suggest London and said he would come visit us and go to the Olympics.  I informed him that the Olympics would be over by the time we got to London. (if that's where we go, which isn't likely)

Somehow this entire conversation turned to where the money was going to be allotted for the wedding and how much was going to the honeymoon.  The Running Nazi decided that the Murph and I needed a better budget and we were about to spend way more money on things that we could get for less and therefore have more money left over for the honeymoon.  I told her we really had no idea yet how much each thing was going to cost because we haven't gotten any estimates yet, so I had no idea how much money would be left for the honeymoon.

The Running Nazi decided right then and there at mile 8 1/2 of the run that the Murph and I were damn fools and didn't know how to budget anything.  (or clean a pool)  She then reminded me that it's not our first go around.  I reminded her that the Murph has never had a wedding with friends and family and that it is important to him. Even if it means spending a little more money to get it the way we want.

When I got home I told the Murph what the Running Nazi had said.  We got a good laugh.  The Murph said, " You tell that little Nazi that we haven't even started blowing money on the wedding.  Just give us some time and we will more than likely screw up a good budget.  Not fair to be accused when we haven't even gotten started yet!"

She knows us too well!

I will be glad when the Running Nazi gets some rest and relaxation!  I am thinking about putting her in charge of our budget.  We actually would have a better chance of following it that way.

I'm glad she didn't mention the swimming pool.


  1. That's a tough schedule. From what I've seen in the past, it's very hard to keep that pace for a long time. And this nazi doesn't seem very supportive. But a budget is a good idea for any major thing you're planning/saving for. That way, you won't fall short unexpectedly.

    1. Yes, you can't burn the candle at both ends and still be all nice and sweet and friendly. And she sees me and the Murph being all lazy bums right now, which will not last, but for now we are. She's super tough though. I don't know how she does it. I couldn't.

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  3. Maybe you should put her in charge of budgeting...
    She has a great point about Sandals. If you choose a mainstream place like that, I'll have to put my foot down! :D
    Costa Rica is a great idea.

    1. Somehow I knew you would be anti-Sandals! That's why I haven't said anything about it until now. :) Honestly, I would like to do the impossible and top our Hawaii trip. Somehow I think the only way to do that would be oh, I don't know.... France.... Italy? That's where I want to go. All over the french countryside, Paris, all the hot spots in Italy... Venice, Rome.