Saturday, July 28, 2012

Memory Lane

I was going through all the songs on my Ipod today and I came across this one called "Low" from Flo Rida.  You may or may not remember it from 2007/2008.  Talk about songs bringing back old memories!

The minute I heard this song, I immediately thought of all those times several years ago when I use to get up at 4 a.m and get to the YMCA as soon as they opened the doors so I could swim laps before work.  Getting up at dark to go swim mindless laps = not fun memories, but back then I was a machine and HAD to do it before getting the boy to school and myself to work.  This would free up my evening for running and biking.

Why this song brings back those long ago insane swim memories?  Because almost EVERY SINGLE MORNING without fail, when my alarm radio would go off, this song would be blasting.  Coincidence?  I don't know.   I think back then, this song was just so popular the radio stations played it every 20 minutes round the clock.

I thought the song was kind of fun, but I never really understood some of the lyrics.  Those lyrics about jean fashion. (and Reebok's with straps)

I mean 20 laps in the pool later and I'm still wondering what the heck are apple bottom jeans with the fur???  Apple???  Fur???  Is this a sexual reference?  A certain part of the anatomy?  Or some special kind of jean with apple bottoms and fur? 


  1. Lol Kristy. Apple bottom is a brand of jeans and the boots with the fur are just that, boots with fur. Reeboks also have velcro straps and Flo Rida also talks about baggy track pants. In a way he's saying it doesn't matter what you're wearing, it only matters how you dance. I think a rapper makes apple bottom jeans, but I'm not sure.

  2. Just checked and apple bottom is by Nelly. Who wrote " hot in here" which was also overplayed to death.

  3. Thanks Jim. I guess I should just try googling apple bottom jeans and see what comes up. I also have Nelly's "Hot in Here" on my Ipod from several years ago. Running/biking music.