Friday, July 13, 2012

Excuse Me, I'm On Brain Spin

I know I have been slacking a little this week on my blog posts.  It's been a rather busy, yet fantastic kind of week.  For starters, the Murph and I have FINALLY set a wedding date for October 6, 2012.  Autumn in Alabama is an absolutely perfect time to get married.  We lined up the place where we are going to have the ceremony and the reception and lucked out since it is available on such fairly short notice.

Also, I am finally recovered from my bronchitis coughing spell I was on for almost a month and now I have better medicine.  No more Advair!  I am back to normal on my triathlon training.

The Boy is still doing great on his meds and has met a new friend that he really likes and seems to have come out of some of the funk he's been in since coming home from college.  It's probably too late for him to get a summer job, but I'm just glad he's better.  I am not mentioning jobs again this summer.  There's always next summer!

All the excitement this week has put me on some kind of brain spin which makes it almost impossible for me to concentrate, write, work out, everything!

It's a good thing I'm not a brain surgeon or any kind of surgeon!

Now we are looking for places to go on our honeymoon.  We've already been to Hawaii, which was the most awesome vacation ever and would be a perfect honeymoon spot, but we are looking for somewhere different.  We are thinking about St. Lucia, but who knows!  We are open to suggestions.

Lots of decisions, but it's all good!!


  1. I'm glad that there's been some positives for you this week Kristy. And it's okay to take some time away from blogging. Also, in regards to honeymoons, I'd like to suggest Niagara Falls, Ontario. I know it's not tropical or exotic, but the falls is great anytime of year.

    1. Thanks for the suggestion. We will look into it. We actually thought about a New York trip and include Niagara Falls a few months ago. Will look into Ontario. I've only been to Canada once to do Ironman Canada and that was over near Vancouver. (Penticton) Loved it!

  2. Montreal. :)
    Then again, St. Lucia is pretty incredible! You know I'm a walking encyclopedia of Caribbean travel knowledge..

    1. You are an expert on the Caribbean. That's for sure! Looks like Canada is beating out the Caribbean on this post though!