Sunday, July 29, 2012

Fun In Pensacola Beach

New Observation Wheel in Pensacola Beach, Florida

It's been a few months since we've been back to Pensacola Beach and when we arrived last Thursday, we discovered this huge new attraction that's been erected.  We haven't been up in it yet, but I'm sure we will someday.  Someday when it's less crowded.  It looks very impressive and festive though.  According to an article in the Travelhost mag you can see 16.6 miles away in every direction when at the top of the wheel.

We went to The Grand Marlin for drinks and appetizers the other night.  This is the view of the ferris wheel (Observation Wheel) from the restaurant.


Me with the Ferris Wheel in the background.  See how festive it looks from a distance.


The Murph looking very handsome.

 Us bugging the bartender to take our picture.  He's use to it and doesn't seem to mind too much.

Everything that I've had at this place is delicious.  

But I got one of my usual appetizers, the Maryland Lump Crab Cake.  It is so yummy I just want to lick the plate.  The vanilla infused lobster fingers are good too, but I need more than what they give you in one order.  I need 10 orders of that stuff.

I didn't lick the plate, but I did a pretty good job of finishing every last drop.

They have some fun drinks too.  This is the Strawberry Mango Mojito.  I also had the Chipotle Pineapple Mojita.  The Murph got his usual beer.  No pictures.


Then we went over to Shaggy's, a new restaurant that just opened up in Pensacola Beach, FL  in May.  We decided to try it out.  I got a banana daquiri.  The Murph got his usual. (beer)

Banana Daquiri at Shaggy's
 The cheese fries belonged to someone sitting at the bar next to us.  They smelled heavenly and were covered in cheese and bacon.  A deadly, yet delicious combination.  The Murph took a picture of the fries when their owner got up to go look for her family.  She lost her family.  (and she really didn't seem to care as she started to dig into those fries).  I may try the fries one day when I am feeling very brave.

Bacon Cheese Fries at Shaggy's
The Murph and I got the shrimp basket and the pulled pork sandwich to go.  The shrimp was good, but just average.  The pulled pork was delicious!   Shaggy's is a very casual, laid back kind of place.  We will definitely go there again.  This island needs more good restaurants.


  1. I'm glad you guys had a good time. And the picture of the ferris wheel reminded me of the time when Shannie and I went to Niagara falls. They have a huge ferris wheel and when it stopped at the top, we got a great view of the falls and NY state.

    And I'm jealous. We love food and enjoy dining out. But I'm allergic to bananas so a daiquiri would be out or me. I know, it sucks, but what can you do?

    1. We still haven't been up in the ferris wheel. Maybe another trip. You could get a daiquiri with strawberries instead of bananas. Or just a frozen margarita with lime and tequila. Fun summery drinks. I would love to go to Niagara falls. I've never been.

  2. Fun.
    The food looks tasty! I think J and I need to drive over to the island for a good seafood dinner soon. We hear that's where the decent restaurants are located.

    1. You should go before summer is over. No wait... you should probably wait till summer is over and go in the fall when it isn't as crowded. lol