Monday, July 16, 2012


The Murph's new word of the week is snarky.

Snarky - an adjective used to describe me when I'm suffering from PMS.  

The Murph is either very brave or very, very, very foolish.  

For the moment, I am in control and except for shooting him a couple of stink eyes, there have been no casualties.  I prefer taking it out on the machines at the gym.  I just ignore him as much as possible and allow him to entertain himself with his own "cleverness" and "extensive" vocabulary.   He loves to amuse himself with his cleverness.

However, if he hisses at me one more time I just might lose it.

Or if he looks at me one more time and says, "I'mmm seeiiiingg thingggs." (those "things" would be what we jokingly call the snakes coming out of my head)

As I was gathering towels around the house to wash today, he came out of his man cave to find out what all the activity was about.  I couldn't gather all the towels because Cadence was napping on a pile of them in my closet.  I tried to gently pull them out from under him, but he wasn't budging and I am pushover when it comes to that little bast, uh, I mean precious kitty... 

Apparently, I had plenty of towels to wash anyway, without the ones that Cadence was napping on because the Murph pretended to gulp loudly when he saw how much I was stuffing into the washing machine.  Then when I turned around and gave him the stink eye, he said, "Snaaarrrkyyy!  Ooohhhh, somebody's a little crabby....!"  He was really enjoying himself today.  So witty!  Dangerously witty.

The Boy got a taste of my snarkiness yesterday when he didn't get out of bed until late afternoon.  Totally disregarding everything Dr. W told him to do to get back on track.  Insurance doesn't cover those visits and the Boy isn't even doing what Dr. W. told him to do.  One of the things he isn't suppose to do is to sleep over 9 hours.  Whenever the Boy goes to sleep, he was told to set his alarm and wake up 8 to 9 hours later.  No exceptions.  We paid good money for that advice so he better use it!  Money that the Running Nazi could use for our wedding budget! 

Phantom hanging out in the man cave
Now the Boy is back to sleeping way too much.  When I went down to check on him yesterday morning, he got mad at yelled at me for waking him up.  Then, when he finally got up after sleeping over 12 hours, he blamed me for not waking him up.  Whoa!  

This is really not a good time of the month for the Boy to do that!  Actually, no time of the month is a good time for him to do that.  So I did the only thing left to do.  I let him have it.  He made up a bunch of excuses.  Today, I've been down there twice to wake him up and he's still not cooperating.  

Looks like I'm going to have to resort to the cold glass of water poured on the head kind of wake up call.  The Boy use to really love that when he was younger and refused to wake up for school.   Not! 

I don't even begin to know how I am going to get him to exercise, which is another thing Dr. W. told the Boy to do.  You would think that since I exercise so much that it would be easy to drag him along.  Well, it wasn't easy when he was 12, but I managed it.  It got impossible when he was 16, so I finally gave up.  

Now he's 20.  Somehow I have to make exercise something he wants to do for himself, not something I make him do.  At 20, there's no way I can make him do it.

Snarky doesn't work with the Boy.  Snarkiness goes right over his head.


  1. A mother's work is never done. And most men should tread lightly when it's a woman's special time. My mom used to say I was snarky when I was young and at home. I'd do the same things like sleep all day, then get mad because I slept all day. I find iot funny how all guys, no matter what generation they're from, still do the same things.

    1. I wouldn't worry about the sleeping too much if I didn't know he was depressed. I would relax and just let him slide since it's summer. He's not helping himself by sleeping all day though. It's very frustrating!

  2. God I remember sleeping whenever I could as a teen. If I could have slept the whole day I would have. Many years later things are different. I try to get as much into one day as I can

    oxoxox from San Francisco

    1. I use to stay up late as a teen and then sleep later, but not all day like my son does. I don't know how to break him of the habit of staying up all night and sleeping all day. He's needs sun light.