Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Wedding Wednesday - Color Confusion and Bridesmaid Dresses

Who would have thought it would be so hard to choose bridesmaid dresses?  It's not like I have 16 bridesmaids in all shapes and sizes.  I just have two and both of them would look good in just about anything.  I did get one request from them  - no ruching.  Actually two requests, no THREE requests - no ruching, preferably not strapless, and not too short.

Easy, right?  Two bridesmaids that would look good in a burlap sac and only three easy requests from the two of them.  Since The Running Nazi is going to be one of my bridesmaid and she was a manager at Saks Fifth Avenue when I first got engaged, she was put in charge of choosing the dress.  It should have been easy since she was at Saks every day and they always get in new dresses that don't look really super bridesmaidy, but during the entire year, not one single acceptable dress came into the store.  We even looked online, but no luck.  

The RN doesn't work at Saks anymore so that opens us up to other places since she doesn't get that discount anymore.  We had been avoiding the typical bridesmaid dress designers, but now that may be our last hope.   I've been looking at such styles all afternoon online.  There really are a lot of beautiful dresses out there for bridesmaids that don't look like those dresses we were forced to wear back in the late 80's with those wonderful (sarcasm here) dyed to match shoes.  There may be hope after all.

 I never realized how many different versions of fuchsia there is out there depending on the designer.  Colors I've never heard of before that I threw out to the Murph, like I know what I'm talking about.  Honeysuckle, azalea, Caribbean.  When he finally got tired of pretending to be interested he said, "That color wasn't in my crayon box."  He also threatened to go hide in his man cave.

Wedding colors and bridesmaids dresses are things he could care less about.  Just "whatever I decide" is fine with him.  He's in charge of the beer and the band.

This disinterest in the dresses applied until he found out how much one of the bridesmaids dress that liked was going to cost.   He suddenly got more interested in the decision making process since he's the one paying for his daughter's dress.

She's one of the bridesmaids.

Actually I'm not really sure exactly how much the dress costs, I could only give an estimate but I do know that it doesn't have ruching, it's not strapless and it's not too short.  It would blend perfectly with my dresses.  And it's available in my colors of choice.  First choice being fuchsia.  Another one of those colors that wasn't in the Murph's crayon box.

Since the wedding is in October, I'm thinking about combining the shade of fuchsia I love with Pantone's honeysuckle or pink flambe with tangerine tango.  That's what I'm thinking today.  Tomorrow, who knows.

The dress is a Jim Hjelm Occasions design which I love.

Now all I have to do is get it to pass the bridesmaid test.  That's a tough test to pass.


  1. Can't wait to see what you choose..

  2. October makes me think about red, so you should go with a color in the red spectrum. All of your your choices sound good to me.