Sunday, July 8, 2012

Fashion On The Porch

I usually have a running/training post at some point over the weekend, but since this is the second weekend I haven't done a long run and I haven't seen the Running Nazi since the swimming pool incident, I don't really have anything to write about. She was out of town this weekend and I didn't show up last weekend.   Going to the gym everyday is kind of a boring thing to write about. Nowhere near as exciting as running with the Running Nazi.   

I also usually try to have at least one fashion post a week and since I haven't done one of those this week,  I decided to do one now.  I spend most of the day these days in work out clothes or a swimsuit by the pool.  Boring.   I know.  The Boy tells me how very boring we are all the time.  Boring can be a good thing.  

Yesterday I wore this outfit to hang out on the porch with The Murph, drinking a glass of wine and watching the sunset.  Perfect evening.

I love the bright pink color in this top.  It matches my nails perfectly and my new MAC lipstick.   My favorite pink!  I got these Juicy Couture flip flops at Saks Fifth Avenue a couple of years ago.  I have been wearing them all the time ever since.  They are perfect for the beach.

Robbi & Nikki Top - old
Victoria Secret shorts (pj's!  I know.  I'm lazy like that.)
Juicy Couture flip flops - Old but find similar here  (no writing on the back.)
David Yurman bracelet - Find similar here.
MAC lipstick - Girl about town - Click here for some really great lipstick.  LOVE!

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  1. Pretty!!!
    That lipstick is perfect for you. MAC lipsticks are the coolest.