Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Hint Hint

I barely even noticed the broom this morning, leaning against the kitchen table at the time I first walked into the kitchen.   My only thoughts were getting those demanding, meowing cats fed as quickly as possible so I could get my first cup of coffee.  I saw the broom out of the corner of my eye, but didn't think anything of it.

Why would I?  It's a broom, not a pair of Jimmy Choo's.

Later, when I went into the kitchen to put my coffee cup away, I didn't think it was strange that the broom was now leaning against the kitchen counter, right where I walk in the door.  I walked right past it, once again not thinking anything about it.  Not even wondering why it was out of the closet.

It wasn't until after I had changed into my workout clothes that the Murph, frustrated with my lack of attention, pointed out the pink sticky note that was stuck to the top of the broom.

My name!

The Murph had put my name on the broom and then had been moving it around the kitchen in hopes of getting my attention.  A "subtle" hint that it was past time to sweep in there and sweeping is now my job.

The Murph was right.  The last time I swept was right before we left for the beach and that's been well over a week ago.  Maybe two.  The floor has gotten a little crunchy in there.

Sweeping use to be the Murph's job, but in order to even out the work load around here, he made it mine.  Which is fine.  The only problem is that when it was his job, he swept once a week only.  Never more, never less.  Now that he's made it my job, he thinks it should be swept daily.

So not gonna happen.  I prefer to clean the way he has in the past.  Weekly.  And that's only if I don't forget it's that time of the week to clean.  Then it might be every other week or every other week and a half or so.  Until I remember I haven't cleaned or somebody sticks a sticky note on something.

I got the kitchen swept after we got back from the gym.  The Murph clapped his hands, jumped up and down, and grabbed the camera for this rare photo op.

He's just so precious!

Next time I'm putting sticky notes with his name on them on all the toilet bowl brushes.


  1. That's great and all, but in the time he spent thinking up the idea and making the note, he likely could've swept the kitchen. It probably would've been easier, but not as funny or clever. And you swept, so I guess it worked. Way to go Murph.

    1. Well, the Murph does have more on his list than I do so I didn't mind. He does almost all the cooking. Besides it is soooo much more fun for him to "train" me. haha!

  2. Hmmm...I haven't swept in a while, either. Or mopped. Off I go!