Sunday, August 26, 2012

Sunday Things- Wedding Music, Hurricane Isaac, Long Run...

Just when I get one thing checked off the wedding list another 100 things seem to pop up out of nowhere!  I have spent the past two days trying to decide on songs for the ceremony, which florist to use, getting the house cleaned out for family staying here, etc.  The only songs left to decide on are the processional songs for the bridesmaid and then for me.  No way am I doing the boring Wagner wedding march from lohengrin.  Du du dudu du du dudu.

No way!

I really don't understand why that song is so popular since it comes from such a sad, tragic story.  Not to mention I read somewhere today that Wagner was actually anti-Semite.  Basically a Nazi and I don't mean like the Running Nazi.  A REAL one!

I could go with something very traditional, kind of boring, but still very beautiful such as Pachebel's Canon in D, but I am hoping to find something more unique to me.

  I love the Butterfly Waltz by Brian Crain with piano and cello.  Beautiful!

The Murph is coming down the aisle to a more fun song and I may find something fun for the bridesmaids.  I think for me I should stay with something classic, beautiful and well...  bride like.  Unless I find something too fun to resist.  Any ideas?  I'm desperate!!

In between wedding song researching, I did get to run with the Running Nazi this morning.  We did our usual 12 mile loop and got caught up on things since I NEVER see her anymore since she got the new job.  It was nice catching up with her.  I hope she likes the bridesmaid dress!  It's my gift to her since she will probably hate it but wear it anyway for me and say she loves it of course.

I am also very worried about The Boy.  Tropical Storm Isaac is suppose to turn into a hurricane and it's heading straight toward the gulf coast.  My mom has already sent me an email from the governor declaring a state of emergency which I forwarded to The Boy.  I hope this system turns and goes somewhere else.  If this hurricane hits Pensacola Beach it will be the first one since The Murph bought the condo down there.  He bought it after Hurricane Ivan which totally devastated Pensacola Beach, FL, Gulf Shores and Orange Beach, AL several years ago.  It was heartbreaking to see all the things we loved destroyed.

I don't like hurricanes.

Once the hurricanes come ashore and move inland, we can get very dangerous weather as far north as here in Birmingham.  Tornadoes, torrential rains.  The first time my basement flooded was during several days of rain from a hurricane.  During one of the last hard rains that came through here, The Boy woke me up in the middle of the night to tell me the ceiling was leaking down in his room.  And his room is at the bottom of the house, three stories down.  I think it must have leaked through the fireplace which was right above where the water came through.  I can't even imagine what days of rain from a hurricane system will do.

The Boy does seem very happy with his choice of living arrangements this year in college.  I feel better that he's around other people and not isolated in a private dorm room.  He's called or emailed me several times letting me know of things he needs.  I have some things to send him this week.

During the move, his laptop screen got cracked even though he boxed it up with padding.  At first his dad didn't want to take care of it and apparently it isn't covered by insurance.  Now, however, his dad is helping him take care of it.  He does work for a computer company!  The Boy said it doesn't cost much to replace a computer screen.  That's good because when he first told me the computer was cracked I thought he was going to need an entirely new laptop.

The Boy loves all his classes.  Not surprising since most of them are computer related.  I do miss him though!

I have a feeling this is going to be a very busy week!


  1. Sounds like another action packed week for you Kristy. I'm in the fog about wedding songs, so hopefully another reader can help.

    And it's good to hear that your son likes his classes, even with the impending hurricane. The letter "I" is tough because I'm not fond of many names that start with "I". Ivan, Irene, Ike, Isaac. All those names scare me.

    1. I definitely do NOT like Ivan! That one will always be remembered down here.

  2. I'm playing "The Butterfly Waltz" now, very beautiful piece. I'd never heard it before.
    LOVE Pachelbel's Canon. Unfortunately, I knew about it after my wedding, or else I would have used it instead of..du du dudu..
    Why not go w/ Butterfly? Since it's so lovely and unexpected. (P's Canon is gorgeous but may be overdone these days, who knows..)
    Good luck with the weather! We never have weather. Unless you count triple digits and blazing sun..

    1. I might go with Butterfly. The Murph's coming down the aisle to the Theme from Rocky. (gonna Fly now) LOL

  3. It is going to be a busy week for you! And I hope that storm turns or goes away or something...we live through tornado's up here and I've lived through flooding and there is nothing worse than the waiting. Hang in there!

    1. I just wish my son was here in Birmingham instead of down south at school. He called yesterday wanting to come home but I couldn't get down there to get him because the interstate is only going one way. North, not south. Due to the evacuations on the coast. :(